Canada’s Worst Political Outcome.

The Conservatives were robbed by a voting population who just can't seem to vote any other way then Red (Liberal).


What a dog’s breakfast. That’s the only way I can describe Canada’s election result.

If there was a worse possible electoral outcome, I can’t imagine it, other than a Socialist NDP (New Democrat Party) majority.

Other than the Liberals in a convoluted way, it’s impossible to pick a winner in this political catastrophe.

And when saying other than the Liberals, that only shows that not losing as badly as most people thought the Liberals would, is somehow a victory.

The Separatist Bloc Québécois won 51 of 75 seats in Quebec.

On the surface, that looks pretty good. But when you think that the Separatist Bloc Party won only 42% of the popular vote, when they were boasting they would win 50% plus 1, this translates into a loss.

They also bragged about winning 60 seats. I was convinced they would too. But surprise, surprise; not only did they not win 60 seats, they actually lost several seats they had in the last government.

The do-nothing Socialist NDP are claiming victory because they increased their numbers in the House of Commons to 29. It’s not much of a victory when one considers that their goal was 44 seats. And most of the votes they got were “borrowed” from the Liberals.

As for the Conservatives, they were robbed by a voting population who just can’t seem to vote any other way then Red (Liberal).

It is amazing that the Conservatives won 10 seats in the province of Quebec, but not one in an English speaking Montreal riding. They even won in Jonquiere, Quebec’s most Separatist region. Go figure.

What this very slim Conservative minority government means to Canada can best be described as political paralysis.

The Conservatives can’t reduce taxes. They can’t dump the multi-billion dollar gun registry fiasco. They can’t kill useless social programs. They can’t cosy-up to the Americans. They can’t shrink the size of government. They can’t gut the bureaucracy. And they can’t establish a more practical system of law and order.

What they can do however, is give Quebec greater independent powers to enter into international cultural accords with virtual nation status. And they can give Quebec MORE money.

These are two promises the Conservatives can (must) keep because no one from the other parties will say no.

As for the rest: If the Conservatives try to implement their other promises they’ve made, we might be going to the polls once again, sooner rather than later.

Or the Liberals can chose to defeat Conservative non-money bills, and then not vote to overthrow the Conservative minority, which they’ll probably do for quite a stretch while they rebuild their Party.

As for the NDP, they’ll ride with the Conservatives for as long as the NDP socialist core can squeeze more money out of Canada’s business class.

But in essence, I think the NDP is pretty much irrelevant.

If there was one winner in all of this, it was Independent Quebec Federalist candidate Andre Arthur, who is well known in Quebec as a take no prisoner radio talk show host.

He won’t be able to influence much on Parliament Hill. But he will keep us informed. And he will keep it interesting.

As for the rest: as I said . . . What a dog’s breakfast.

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  1. Howard, you are spot on every word in your commentary I share your view down to the last line. Dershowitz is a weasel, scum is more appropriate I agree. Israel appears to be gaining more support in this confrontation, as I think people can finally see how Hamas is and always has been the perpetrator. I cannot change one word you said as your thoughts are 100% in sinc with mine. Wonderful, open I cannot wait to share this with the world!

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