Why On Monday January 23, 2006 – I’m Voting Conservative.

And now that it's 2006, it seems that even Canadians aren't all that interested in wearing their own Canadian flag.

After several generations of Liberal governance in Canada, our country has become a visionless nation that stands for nothing.

We were once a proud nation that was reliable to our friends and neighbors. But not anymore. And not for a long time.

Once upon a time, Canada was recognized on the international scene as a real player, where much larger countries valued our participation and openly sought-out our opinions.

When I was young (now 55 years old), I grew up believing in Canada. I relished listening to the stories of Canada’s glory days when our brave troops charged up hills held by the enemy, regardless of risk.

We weren’t pansies then. And today, we send our brave men and women, the few that we have, into battle with less than what they need to survive, and less than what is necessary to get the job done.

I remember a time in Canada when having children meant assuming great responsibility, knowing that you’d have to raise, nurture, protect and educate your own children. And be fully responsible for their values and how they grew up.

Today; parents expect the state to raise their children. And when the children become just no good, it’s no one’s fault but the social system.

I remember a time when it was a shame not to have a job. It was the family’s biggest and most important secret. And living off welfare, which is now called social assistance, was an even greater shame.

Today, welfare is nothing more than a salary of sorts. And if you don’t have a job, it’s not your fault.

I went to High School and University at night, because I felt I had to work, and my parents couldn’t afford to have me spend the next 4-6 years learning how to make a living, while living off of them.

Now, freeloading in university on government grants, and low to no interest loans, while taking useless courses like recreation and physical fitness training is an entitlement that the state has to pay for.

And worse. We graduate spoiled-rotten useless young adults who expect everything to come to them, whether they’ve worked for it or not.

Then there’s crime and punishment. Remember when the bad guys were bad and the victims were innocent? What happened?

Why is it that there are no longer any real bad guys? Why are people who deal drugs, beat-up on others, rape and murder, are now considered to be victims of society, while we ignore the real victims?

Why does Canada have such a hate-on for nations that reach for the top. I’m speaking of the USA and Israel. Why is Cuba such a great model in the minds of Canadians, while America and Israel are not?

Why does Canada go out of its way to find even the flimsiest justification for Islamists to murder Jews and attack the USA, but not for the USA or Israel to fight back?

There was a time when American students traveled Europe sporting a Canadian Maple Leaf, only because they knew how respected Canada was worldwide, especially in Europe where Canada played an incredible role in defeating the Nazis.

And now that it’s 2006, it seems that even Canadians aren’t all that interested in wearing their own Canadian flag.

It is indeed appalling that Canadian Olympic athletes have turned down the “HONOR” of carrying Canada’s flag at the opening ceremonies of this winter’s Olympics.

There was a time when being the Canadian flag-bearer was just as important as winning a gold medal. Maybe even more so, since anyone can win a medal, but only one Canadian is chosen to carry his or her country’s flag.

Yet, these despicable athletes, who are so into their selfish selves, bitch without end how Canada doesn’t give them enough for their sport. As if being able to play games for fun, fame and fortune is more than just a privilege.

This is the result of visionless generations of Liberal governance, that has taught Canadians that the country, and what the country stands for, are virtually insignificant.

I’ll vote for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, because I want my country back the way it was before the Liberals made it meaningless.

And to all the people who want to vote for Liberal liars, thieves and cheats, or for NDP do-nothing socialists, or for ethnocentric Québécois nationalist separatists: what can I possibly say?

I’ve read the polls. I’ve read and heard the editorial prognostications about how the votes are going to split, and who’s going to win, and who’s going to lose.

And this is what I think:

Before the end of the day on Monday January 23, 2006, Canada will have a Conservative Prime Minister in a majority government.

Even I can’t believe that the majority of Canadians could be so mindless as to vote any other way.

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