Taking Care Of Iran’s Nuclear Business

Iranian Shiites believe the Twelfth Imam will show himself during Armageddon, when the entire planet is on the brink of destruction.


Why isn’t the greatest threat to humanity not on the Front Pages of EVERY Newspaper and EVERY News Magazine in EVERY Western Style Democracy EVERY DAY?

Why isn’t this Armageddon-In-Waiting not the News Lead on EVERY Television and EVERY Radio Broadcast in EVERY Western Style Democracy EVERY DAY?

I’m writing about Iran. But I guess you already knew that.

Iran is a large wealthy country, with a large well equipped military, governed by a lunatic religious fanatic who believes that it is his place on earth to create the critical conditions to usher-in the return of the TWELFTH IMAM.

Iranian Shiites believe the Twelfth Imam will once again show himself during Armageddon, when the entire planet is on the brink of destruction.

At this point in time, the Twelfth Imam (circa 800AD) will smite the enemies of his brand of Islam, the non-believers, the Jews, all other Infidels, and usher in an era of the rule of purist Islam.

Fundamentalist Protestant Christians have their own type of Prophecy spin similar to this. But their’s is passive.

The Christians believe that the ultimate conflagration between good and evil will usher in the return of Christ, as Israel defeats the Forces of Evil in the valley of Armageddon.

The difference between what the Iranian Shiites believe, and what the fundamentalist Christians believe has a divide the size of an ocean.

The Christians believe that it is predestined that Armageddon will happen. The Shiites believe that Armageddon must be made to happen. And this is what Iran is pushing for.

Iran is pursuing the ability to construct nuclear weapons. They already have the missile delivery capability to use weapons of mass destruction against any of their Middle Eastern neighbors (Israel), and as far off as Europe.

And they’ve made it quite clear that they intend to use whatever weaponrythat is at their disposal to “WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP”.

Why the silence?

I don’t expect the West to become hysterical. But I do expect them not to sleepwalk on the road to destruction. And make no mistake about it. This is indeed the road to destruction.

Because the Islamists have painted their intentions in blood around the world, I’ve written extensively on Islam’s declared war on Modernity, Democracy and the Secular Rule of Law.

And everyday that passes, brings us that much closer to Perdition at the hands of Islam. And frighteningly, that day is coming soon.

The West has it within our power to do what is necessary to protect our Democratic societies. All we need is the resolve to do it.

1) We have to immediately make ourselves energy self sufficient. No matter what it takes.

2) We have to cut-off all sales of weapons to countries ruled by Islamic law.

3) We have to intensify our war of attrition against Islamist TERRORISTS, and all those who support them.

And most of all: We have to kill the Iranian Bomb before it kills us.

If we don’t take care of this business now. This business will take care of us. And that’s guaranteed!

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  1. I think you are wrong Howard. The people are very well educated in what it wants. They get their education from the late night talk shows and the ultra lefty news organizatioins. This is all guided by entities like George Soros and the whole left bunch. OBAMA knows where he will get his votes. His agenda of bringing down the US is very much on track as planned.
    I just wish more people would listen to you and many other right of middle of the road talk shows.

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