John Bolton – A Hero For All Occasions.

No one in official status said a peep about this international obscenity, other than the man the American Leftists were determined to keep out of the United Nations as America's Ambassador.


Most American Liberals fought tooth and nail to keep John Bolton from becoming the American Ambassador to the United Nations.

In their opinion, he was far too Conservative and rigid to represent the USA at the world body.

Remarkably, there were no shortage of Leftist American Jews who felt the same way about John Bolton being appointed as America’s Ambassador to the UN.

It is equally incredible that these American Jewish Leftists totally dismissed that it was John Bolton, who in 1991, virtually single-handedly forced the United Nations to repeal its 16 year resolution equating Racism with Zionism.

And now John Bolton’s at it again.

On November 29, 2005, the UN had its annual remembrance bemoaning the fact that in 1947, the British Palestinian Mandate came to an end, ushering in the creation of the State of Israel six months later in 1948.

Officially, this is known as: The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

At this UN remembrance, the most senior UN representatives stood in respectful silence paying homage to the Palestinian murderers of Jews who lost their lives committing genocide.

UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, stood with them.

What was even more galling than that, was the map of Palestine that was flanked on one side by the Palestinian flag, and on the other side by the flag of the United Nations.


Palestine was illustrated on this map as being the territory from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. And from Lebanon/Syria to the Red Sea and Egypt.

So what does this say about what the United Nations “really” thinks of Israel and Israel’s right to exist?

Would Kofi Annan have stood in respectful silence in the United Nation’s building to honor members of the Israeli military who died in Jenin, fighting Arab TERRORISTS who waged war on Jewish civilians?

Would he have placed the flag of the United Nations beside an Israeli map that showed no Palestinian West Bank or Gaza?

No one in official status said a peep about this international obscenity, other than the man the American Leftists were determined to keep out of the United Nations as America’s Ambassador.

On January 3, 2006, John Bolton wrote to Kofi Annan:

“It was entirely inappropriate for this map to be used. It can be misconstrued to suggest that the United Nations tacitly supports the abolition of the state of Israel.”

“Given that we now have a world leader pursuing nuclear weapons who is calling for the state of Israel to be wiped off the map, the issue has even greater salience.”

It is indeed terrifying to know that the Leftist enemy within, is as resilient as the Islamist enemy which is waging jihad against our belief in the Secular Rule of Law. And our Western Constitutions which protect the rights of minorities.

In this cycle of world history, it is imperative that we have more leadership like that of John Bolton, rather than less.

The world is indeed in great peril. And the last thing we need now, are lily-livered Leftist public advocates who are willing to see every side of every debate except the side that is so blindingly obvious, that only the blind could not see.

The world is indeed fortunate that John Bolton is now loose in the International House of Ill Repute, which we kindly refer to as the United Nations.

Otherwise, who’d be there to say no?

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  1. Howard, you have convinced me that the colapse of our countries is a matter of when, not if, because of the welfare idiots being voted into office. I always said you vote an honest man into a crooked office, and eventually he/she will become complacent, or blind, to the troubles of their homeland and keep the lies going. I saw a protest by illegal aliens here in the valley of Texas saying they had the right to be here and receive benefits. New liberal voters in the USA.

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