The Thanks Israel Won’t Get When It Takes Out The Iranian Bomb.

Israel can not allow the Iranians to produce nuclear weapons. It's as simple as that.

In 1938, Adolf Hitler convinced a very frightened and compliant Europe to give him what he wanted “or else”. In 1939 it was the “or else”.

In their cowardly belief that Hitler would accept Sudentland of Czechoslovakia as appeasement, and he would then behave as a good neighbor, the world sold-out an independent nation.

And even after Hitler invaded his other European neighbors, the rest of the world, including many within the USA were still pleased to trade with the Nazis.

But no country was as despicable as Switzerland, which by today’s financial standards profited in the TENS of BILLIONS of dollars as a result of the Nazis.

Swiss vaults are even today swimming in Jewish blood.

This Editorial is not about the horrible Swiss of the Second World War.

It’s about the horrible Swiss-like countries of this generation. Those who sell-out for profit and greed regardless how much blood is on the money they stuff into their pockets.

While the world heads inextricably towards Armageddon at the hands of Islam, most of the world is worrying more about making money from the Islamists, than stopping them.

The world needs energy: The Arabs and Moslems have an abundance of energy. The Oil Industry couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the indecency of the Islamic world they trade with. And neither do most nations.


Iran is a huge supplier of Oil to China and Japan. The Chinese and Japanese couldn’t care less about Iran’s hatred for the West, Jews and Israel. They just want the oil.

The United Nations might schedule a Security Council meeting to discuss what to do with Iran’s nuclear program. And then they’ll do nothing. Just like they did with Iraq.

And then what?

The then what is Israel.

Israel can not allow the Iranians to produce nuclear weapons. It’s as simple as that.

Unlike the non Jewish world, Israel listens to what the Islamists have to say. And Israel believes them.

During the past year; even Israel’s staunchest supporter, the USA, has bullied Israel into conceding much to the Palestinians to the detriment of Israeli security. The power brokers in America are not necessarily without a price.

I heard President George W Bush on FOX News (1:30pm January 11, 2006), in a live forum, state once again, that he considers all TERRORISTS and countries that shelter TERRORISTS to be the enemies of the USA.

What about the Palestinian TERRORIST group Hamas, which the USA has identified as a TERRORIST group, and the Palestinian Authority which provides shelter and security to Hamas?

I guess it doesn’t count to George W Bush if the TERRORISTS’ only goal is to only kill Israeli Jews.

I supported the Israeli pullout of Gaza. I will also support the pullout of Israelis from remote West Bank settlements.

I support these measures only because I believe it is in Israel’s absolute best interest to disengage from the Palestinians as much as is possible.

And I believe that the cost to Israel in terms of manpower, emotional stress, and national fiscal wealth to staying in most of these Territories is just not worth it.

I’m appalled at the pressure Condoleezza Rice has put on the Israeli leadership to allow the Palestinians the right to have open borders with Egypt, where weapons and TERRORISTS of every description are flowing into Gaza like water flows through an open dam.

In this regard, American pressure on Israel to comply with TERRORISTS and TERRORIST supporters is placing Israel in extreme danger. Especially when it is in direct contrast to what the President of the United States of America has to say about TERRORISTS and nations that support them.

It is also inconceivable that the USA has also twisted Israel’s arm into allowing Hamas TERRORISTS to campaign in Jerusalem.

In 1980, Israel saved the world by taking out the Iraqi nuclear program at Osirak Iraq. Israel was internationally pilloried for it.

I believe that in 2006, Israel, with its tiny landmass and even smaller population will once again do what no other country is willing to do. And once again, Israel will save the world. Or at least die trying.

And just like 1980, the hypocrites of this planet will pillory Israel, even though the planet will be able to sleep that much more secure in the knowledge that an Islamic bomb in the hands of Iranian Islamo-Fascists no longer exists.

If Israel continues to appease those who can not be appeased, the Swiss-like world of the 21st century will do to Democratic Israel what the Nazis did just several generations ago, regardless of what is right and what is wrong.

Ariel Sharon was 100% right when he told President George W Bush that Israel is not Czechoslovakia, and Israel can not be traded to appease Islamists.

For Israel: It’s as simple as them against the world.

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  1. When we are spending $338,300,000 billion on welfare, medicaid food stamps,etc. to the illegal aliens, we are being taken over. Yet, we are cutting our military. I believe our military, retired and retiring military will fight with and for the people and not the corrupt government. That will be our greatest hope in the coming revolution. The revolution is not a matter of “if”, but “when”.

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