If A Group Of Killers Say They’ll Kill Me – Why Wouldn’t I Believe Them?

To Liberal Leftist thinkers worldwide, the public enmity of the Moslem clerical leaders and teachers is nothing more than anecdotal.


One of the readers of Galganov Dot Com sent me a clip she received showing a Palestinian Mullah (Imam) spewing hatred towards Jews in his sermon.

The broadcast (with English subtitles) was posted on MEMRI, which exposes what the Moslems and Arabs really say, rather than what they want us to believe they say.

The MEMRI URL is worth visiting, and is available as a link in the MEDIA section found in the Galganov Dot Com MENU in the country of Israel.

This particular Mullah (Imam) was preaching hatred towards Jews from his Palestinian Mosque. No big news there. The big news, is that there are tens of thousands just like him who preach the same hatred towards Jews and the West worldwide.

More frightening, is that this type of hatred from the pulpit is most likely delivered around the corner from where you live in any North American and European city.

Even more disturbing than that: this message of hatred of Jews and the West is taught in virtually every Arab and Moslem school and Islamic Institute.

To Liberal Leftist thinkers worldwide, the public enmity of the Moslem clerical leaders and teachers is nothing more than anecdotal.

To them, these Mullahs and Imams are in the extreme minority, while the Liberal Leftists believe that the vast majority of Arabs and Moslems are fair-minded, and not that influenced by the “radicals”.

I guess they never saw the clips of Arabs and Moslems from all around the world dancing in the streets at the news and sight of 9/11.

It is indeed possible that the Islamists might one day succeed in their jihad against the West, and specifically against the Jews, simply because the Liberal Leftists will not believe what the Islamists are saying.

Before and after Hitler came to power, most of the world truly believed that his words of malevolence, and his pledge to end the “Jewish Problem” was nothing more than political grandstanding.

The world soon learned otherwise.

Let’s hope that we will learn to believe what the Islamists say sooner rather than later, especially when later will be too late.

I for one believe every utterance of hatred by the Islamists. And I believe that they will do us all-in given the chance.

If what the Islamists say doesn’t scare the Liberal Leftists. Then what about what they’ve already done and continue to do?

Or was 9/11 and all the other international TERRORIST atrocities anecdotal too?

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  1. Thank you Howard for your great article. Saw “America” documentary last night and read the critics. Certainly, the
    enlightened are in the minority. I pray you will continue the good fight and just maybe the Republicans will turn this
    evil regime around and we will stop supporting radical islam around the world.
    God Bless
    Pearl Nelson

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