Even In Israel’s Hour Of Grief – Liberal’s Play The Equivalence Game.

Ariel Sharon is giant amongst very puny world leaders.

This morning (January 5, 2006), CNN interviewed George Mitchell about the effect Ariel Sharon’s severe medical conditions will have on Israel, the Palestinians and the entire Middle East.

George Mitchell was once the US Senate Majority Leader (Democrat) who morphed into a Peace Ambassador under the Clinton administration.

He traveled non-stop between the USA and the Middle East, doing whatever he could to broker a Peace Deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

He did the same thing in Ireland, working hard to bring the Protestants and Catholics to the peace table where he had real success.

But Israel’s a different story.

I never liked George Mitchell’s approach to negotiating peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis, because Mitchell, like most Liberals, bent over backwards to find equivalence between both groups.

I guess he figured that negotiating from some stature of equal accountability was the way to go, even if it was contrived equivalence between Israel and the Palestinians.

In Mitchell’s CNN interview this morning, when asked about the mood of the Palestinians when they heard how sick Prime Minister Sharon was: he told CNN’s audience that the Palestinians were very happy to hear it.

He continued from there to further explain how the Israelis were equally not sad to hear about the critical health of Yasser Arafat.


Why mention that at all?

Is Mitchell so immersed in this equivalence crap, that even in Ariel Sharon’s most difficult hour, Mitchell still has to find some sort of equivalence between the Palestinians and the Israelis? More accurately, between Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat?

Yasser Arafat was an Egyptian born murderer, and father of modern TERRORISM who claimed the title of supreme leader of the Palestinian people at the point of a gun held by his thugs.

Arafat did nothing for his own people other than to get filthy rich from their self imposed suffering. He also led from the rear like the coward that he was.

On the other hand, Israeli born Ariel Sharon (love him or hate him) led from the sharp end of the sword. His love and commitment for Israel and the Jewish people was his hallmark. He never flinched. And he never ran away (like Arafat).

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon fought in EVERY Israeli war.

And in 1973, the Yom Kippur War, General Ariel Sharon took what was considered to be a certain Arab victory, and turned it into an incredible Arab rout.


The Arab, Moslem, and Liberal world press love to pillory Ariel Sharon for the 1982 massacres at the two Palestinian Refugee Camps (Sabra and Shatilla) in Lebanon. And like a true soldier, Ariel Sharon took responsibility, even though he bore no culpability whatsoever.

It’s easy for the Arabs, Moslems and Liberal press to squeeze every inch of propaganda from this event, because they have such a willing audience. But like all the other horrific events Israel has been condemned of instigating, this too was contrived.

Ariel Sharon was the Minister of Defence at the time, and he did order his military into Lebanon to extricate Arafat and his TERRORIST army out of Lebanon. Which he did.

And that’s where the story should end. But it doesn’t.

Lebanese Christian militiamen entered those two camps and murdered a great many people: including men, women and children. I repeat: Lebanese Christian militiamen. Not Israelis. Not Jews. Not Ariel Sharon.

But it is Ariel Sharon who carries the full weight of what happened in these two camps on his shoulders, and on his shoulders alone. That’s the stuff real leaders are made of.

The Arabs have been massacring each other for as long as there have been Arabs. They routinely enter the homes, villages and towns of their “enemies”, and routinely rape, murder and plunder each other. Yet there’s no world outrage.

As I write this, they’re doing it in Iraq every day.

But; let them do it to each other when the Israelis can somehow be blamed, and the Liberal world will never forget it, even if Israel’s role is (was) non-existent.

It’s funny that Arafat is remembered by the Liberals as the Palestinian statesman, but not for his role in the attempted coup of King Hussein of Jordan, for his participation in destroying Lebanon, for his “successful” efforts to highjack airplanes, etcetera.

Ariel Sharon is giant amongst very puny world leaders. Through his steadfast commitment, bravery, and leadership, Israel is not just alive and well, but a beacon for the rest of the world to emulate.

To have George Mitchell find even a scintilla of equivalence between Arafat the cowardly TERRORIST, and the real-life hero Ariel Sharon, especially at this point in Ariel Sharon’s life, is nothing short of disgraceful.

It also says far more about the Liberal mind-set of men like George Mitchell, than it does about Ariel Sharon and the Israeli people.

In spite of the Liberals’ best efforts; for some things there are no equivalences. And when it comes to Prime Minister and retired General Ariel Sharon, there is no equivalence anywhere on this planet.

I don’t pray. But I do hope.

And for Ariel Sharon – I hope for nothing short of the best.

As for the immediate and long term political fate of Israel:

Israel will continue to function without so much as missing a beat, because that’s what real Democracies do in times of crisis. And nowhere on this planet will anyone ever find a more steadfast and Democratic nation than Israel.

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