How I know That My Message Is Getting Through

I PRESENT YOU WITH ALLAN K: Not even man enough to use his full name.


Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is gravely ill. And it seems more likely than not that his days of guiding and protecting Israel as its leader are all but over. And that is a monumental tragedy for the world.

I wrote the following Editorial before Prime Minister Sharon collapsed with his second and far more serious stroke. I thought about deleting it, and writing about Ariel Sharon.

But what would I write before knowing all the details? I certainly will not write his obituary while he still has one breath left in his living soul.

So I decided instead to publish the original Editorial that I was going to publish. Somehow it seems appropriate.

Ariel Sharon never suffered fools. And neither should anyone else who loves his or her life with purpose.

The following is all about a fool.

I PRESENT YOU WITH ALLAN K: Not even man enough to use his full name.

Allan K sent me a letter yesterday (January 3, 2006), tearing a strip off of me for what I write and the way I write it. I assume he is no less enamored with what I say.

You can read his words of wisdom in the LETTER TO THE PUBLISHER section of Galganov Dot Com under the headline: THE BEST ANTI-GALGANOV LETTER YET.

I published Allan K’s letter because it is a perfect example of why I pay little attention to what many on the other side might have to say.

Allan K never explained in his letter why I am so wrong about anything specific. He simply used a great many words to attack me. He reduced everything I had written and said to nothing more than an issue about my personality.

So what does that give him?

Does it make me wrong that I think Palestinians who intentionally murder Israeli Jews in cold blood are savages? Does it make me a racist to point out that Islamists have declared war on Modernity and Democracy?

Does it change 9/11, or any of the other TERRORIST attacks around the world, because I state unequivocally that they are the exclusive work of Moslems?

How about the something-for-nothing group at the UN?

Am I wrong about a global institution that not that long ago named the likes of Moammar Kadafi of Libya as the head of the Human Rights Commission?

Or that they (the UN) stole as much as $21 BILLION in the oil for food scandal that left millions of Iraqi children starving, while Saddam and his UN buddies gorged themselves on the spoils of deceit?

The real issue here is about how I choose to publish and broadcast – warts and all. And people like Allan K don’t like it.


Galganov Dot Com is my plaything.

It is my way of writing and speaking my thoughts for my own personal pleasure. I just love doing it. And if other people such as yourselves get any enjoyment or benefit from what I write and say, so much the better.

No one is compelled to read what I write or listen to what I broadcast. And for anyone who does want to read or listen to what’s posted at Galganov Dot Com: it’s FREE! Absolutely FREE!

You just can’t get a better deal than that.

And better yet. I even welcome LETTER WRITERS. And that’s FREE too!

If someone like Allan K is so upset with what I write and say, why does he visit Galganov Dot Com at all?

Because it pisses him off is why.

There are no shortage of Allan K’s out there who are so upset by people like me, that it drives them crazy. They don’t want to hear strong opinions which challenge their preset beliefs and intellectual smugness while shattering the walls of political correctness.

He reads what I write and listens to what I broadcast because he just can’t help himself. It’s like the moth drawn to the light.

I love getting letters from the Allan K’s of the world because it’s proof positive that what I am writing and saying is having an effect. The message is getting through.

And that I’m not just preaching to the converted.

As for Allan K: He should get his own Web Site and leave mine alone.

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  1. Rabbi Spero gave a talk in Williston, NY (Long Island) in which he explained that the secular Jews don’t support Israel because Judiaism does not come first for them. That they see themselves as American first who happen to be Jewish.
    Therefore, Israel is not even on their radar. As for the rest, as long as it is happening to somebody else, they think it will never happen to them. So sad!

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