There Is Virtue In Intransigence.

I have zero tolerance (even less than that if it was possible) for people who feel compelled to see every side of every argument when only one side has merit.

This is my first Editorial of 2006. And I hope it begins with as much of a bang as my last Editorial had in 2005.

My December 31, 2005 Editorial elicited a great many e-mails. Most of them positive. But some that were outright critical of my “stubborn and autocratic” nature.

Several of the critical letters pointed to my “unconditional” support for the USA and Israel, more than just suggesting that my support for these two countries is so biased, that I can’t, or won’t see their faults.

One letter-writer went so far as to include in his criticism of me, that it was my unbending and aggressive nature that caused me to fail in my battle for equal rights in the province of Quebec.

I LOVE IT! They got it absolutely right. I AM IMPLACABLE!

I am absolutely unbending and unsympathetic to those on the other side whose ambition it is to make me like them. Or to those who believe that only they count. Or to those whose social attitudes are injurious to others. Or to those who blame the success of others for their own failures.

I won’t bend an inch in my daily battles against Bastards who blow up Israelis in suicide attacks. Or use rockets to TERRORIZE Israeli villages.

I won’t stop criticizing anti-Semites and their agencies like the UN for a nanosecond, just because they pretend to be fair-minded; which they are anything but.

I won’t waste a moment of my time debating anyone who supports people who randomly murder to make their point. Or who support regimes run by tyrants or pretend advocates of Democracy like the Palestinian Authority.

The people who think that I am dogmatic on these subjects are 100% accurate. Finally, they seem to understand where I am coming from.

I have zero tolerance (even less than that if it was possible) for people who feel compelled to see every side of every argument when only one side has merit.

If someone indiscriminately murders in the name of his or her cause, for me, there is no other side to their argument. If a whole society is built upon a foundation of hate, such as the Palestinians, for me, there is also no other side to their argument.

There is no other side to the argument of those who attacked the USA on 9/11. Just like there is no other side to those who blew up the Spanish trains, the British subways, the Russian school and performing arts center, the Bali hotel – etcetera.

Only an idiot would search for a debate from the other side in these circumstances. But unfortunately for us, there are no lack of idiots.

It is this type of narishkeit (feeble-minded stupidity) that allowed the Nazis to cause the world to bleed.

If it wasn’t for this stupid concept, that EVERYONE must be listened to and engaged in dialogue; the Soviet Union, led by human monsters like Stalin, wouldn’t have butchered millions of people during Communism’s near century-long reign of terror.

While the Communists were denying BILLIONS of people their right to be free, and imposing themselves on sovereign countries, and kidnaping, arresting, imprisoning, torturing and murdering people who were brave enough to have an independent voice, our Liberal elitists were too busy “debating” to see the horror.

Had it not been for American intransigence towards Communism, the world as we know it today, might have looked more like Orwell’s 1984.

Even today in Cuba, a land where freedom doesn’t exist for the Cuban people, it is still the darling of Liberal intellectuals who are blinded by their own freedom to be morally superior.

In 1980, Israel saved the world by destroying Iraq’s nuclear facilities. Imagine what the world would be like today if Saddam had nuclear weapons then?

It is seriously suspected that Israel assassinated Canadian born astrophysicist Gerald Bull, the ballistics scientist who had developed for Iraq a super-gun that could launch all manner of weapons as far away as 1,500 kilometers (1,000 miles).

It is interesting that Iraq and Iran were locked in deadly combat while all of this was going on. And had Israel not destroyed the French built Osirak reactor, and allegedly killed Gerald Bull, Iran would have been in Iraq’s nuclear bull’s-eye.

Yet; the thanks Israel gets for ridding the world of this very real Iraqi menace, is nothing less than world condemnation and real threats from Iran to “wipe Israel off the map”.

I suspect that Israel will once again come to the aid of the world in 2006, just like they did in 1980, this time by destroying the Iranian nuclear threat. And like 1980, the rest of the world with the probable exception of the USA will again condemn the Jewish State.

But how “intransigent” of me to even support the concept that Israel will attack Iran and destroy Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear facilities.

I guess that’s what my detractors meant when they wrote me saying that I just can’t, or won’t see, or listen to the debate from the other side.

Why should I when the other side is so wrong?

As for the reason Anne and I chose to leave Quebec after 5 years of doing battle against ethnocentric and racist language (cultural) policies of the Quebec government: it was not because of the Québécois opposition, but rather, because of the lack of minority opposition to Quebec’s discriminatory policies.

In essence: Anne and I left Quebec because of the hundred’s of thousands of Anglos and Ethnics who were too busy arguing how many rights they should have, opposed to demanding all rights enjoyed by the majority, including the unrestricted right to use the English language.

In many respects, I much prefer to be intransigent, dogmatic, stubborn, and implacable: than a Liberal elitist who believes that even evil has a side worth debating.


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  1. As long as the “powerful” vote belongs to the dumbest group of nonthinkers, we are doomed. How does one teach a dumb nonthinker? When we figure that out and if the bottom has not bottomed out “YET”, then we might make it. If the bottom peters out, it’s too late and even those “now” enlightened nonthinkers “get it”, it will still be too late. So get off your duffs and do some blooming!!!! I am tired of the bureaucratic idiots selling out my country & I am more tired of the morons who buy it.

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