A Unique Global Jewish Affliction

Everything is re-questioned, re-argued, and re-debated ad nauseam. So much so, that debating every side of every issue has become a Jewish art-form.

Jews possess a unique condition that causes us to never stop doubting who we were, and who we’re going to be. So much so, that many of us seem never to be satisfied with who we are.

A substantial part of the Jewish psyche drives us to question everything, to the point, that in many ways, we’re our own worst enemy.

Virtually from birth, Jewish parents instil in us a drive that makes our accomplishments, regardless how great they may be, always one step short of where they could be better.


The child comes home from school with a 99% average. The beaming parent says to the child: that’s great! But what happened to the other 1%?

The child comes home from school with a 100% average. The beaming parent says to the child: that’s great! But why did they have such easy exams?

It appears to me, that whatever we accomplish amongst the Jewish community, it is never enough, driving us to always be better. But, if the quest for better is never enough, then best is a total impossibility. And that’s a problem.

But it doesn’t stop there.

We also question our ethics, morality and sense of justice to the point of insanity. Very few Jews are Talmudists. Yet, the psyche of the Talmud seems to be alive and well in most of us.

The Talmud is Judaism’s book(s) of authority on how we should live our lives in a moral, ethical and humanitarian way. And because the world and situations are always changing, so does the debate on the Talmud.

Everything is re-questioned, re-argued, and re-debated ad nauseam. So much so, that debating every side of every issue has become a Jewish art-form.

In some circumstances, this type of mental gymnastics is a phenomenal asset. But in many ways, it is also a sickness that is more damaging to our own community than it is helpful.

Far too often, especially amongst Jewish Liberal intellectuals, we over-think the problem. It’s very much like a salesman who’s made the sale, and all he has to do is take out the contract, have it signed, say thank you, and walk away.

Instead, the salesman keeps talking until he talks himself right past the agreement. And when the customer doesn’t sign; the salesman wonders what’s wrong with the customer, since he (the salesman) said ALL the right things.

Jewish Liberal intellectuals are like that. They constantly think and debate themselves past the issue, to the extent that they generally miss the point entirely.

This partly explains why so many Liberal American Jews seem to find fault with Israel’s defense strategy. And why Israel has to be held accountable for the failed social issues in the Palestinian Territories. And why Israel has to feel responsible for the failed Palestinian economy.

It’s also a walk on the strange-side when Jewish Liberal intellectuals find fault with Israel, to explain why Palestinians feel compelled to blow themselves-up while murdering Jews.

It’s not enough that the Israelis lost 11 Jewish athletes who were murdered in cold blood by Palestinian TERRORISTS at the Munich Olympics in 1972. We have to produce a movie (Spielberg) that wants to show some perspective from the Palestinian view. And how seeking retribution destroys the Jewish soul.

It’s like the Black Gang-Bangers who shot-up Yonge Street in Toronto on Boxing Day, killing a fifteen year old girl while wounding 6 others, To the Liberal Intellectuals; their only question is: How did our social system fail the Gang-Bangers?


I would bet any amount of money, that there are no shortage of Jewish Liberal intellectuals, who would have no problem debating from the perspective of the average Nazi supporting European, on why Jews have brought so much hatred to their own collective doorstep.

If you argue the point long enough, and from every perspective imaginable, which is what we do, it will be easy to find almost as much fault with the victims of Nazism, as with their genocidal murderers.

This is not just a disease of Jewish Liberal intellectuals. There are no shortage of non Jews with the same or similar affliction. But in us, it’s rampant.

A perfect example are the American, America-blamers who attribute American successes for the TERROR attacks on 9/11.

“If only America wasn’t so successful. The world wouldn’t hate us so much”. So the mantra goes.

Life is too short to over-think everything. And some things in life are really as simple as black and white, where great thought and internal debate has little to no merit.

A great many Liberal intellectuals have argued this point with me.

But for me to argue back, is like screaming into a hurricane. I can scream as loud and as long as I can. But I’ll never be heard over the roar of the howling wind. So why bother?

I have written this Editorial, because I am often accused of not looking at all of the issues, and at all sides of every argument. And I’m routinely accused of having a bias in favor of Israel and the USA, as if those are bad things.

I’ve been criticized this past week by a close friend for being two dimensional, and not seeing issues in depth. Mostly though, because I don’t take the time to listen to every argument.

How can I really know what the other side is all about, if I don’t listen to what they have to say?

For me it’s easy. I’ve already heard it from a thousand different sources. Same song. Different singers.

Like a recovering addict; I suppress my Jewish dependancy to see every issue from every side.

I much rather prefer to see a suicide murderer in the black and white context as a sub-human beast. I prefer to see the people who send out these murderers also as sub-human beasts who should be hunted down and brought to hard justice.

I would rather see the world as what it is, rather, than what I might want it to be through endless and meaningless debate.

See the problem. Fix the Problem. And then deal with the “Root Cause” if one even exists.

But that’s just me.


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  1. It is quite simple. We are intentionally destroyed by the elected. It is planned destruction and infiltration by those who wish to take our country down. No one is so stupid, that almost every decision is not in the best interest of our country.
    Vernon Clayson is absolutely correct. Also, is P Grassie Lindsay . Every time there is mention of cutting things by the government or province, I see a great uproar from my friends who live slightly west and north west of you.

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