Will The Candles Burn Next Year In Jerusalem?

Israel has done half of the right thing by unilaterally pulling everything they had out of Gaza. Now it's time for them to do the other half.


This year, Jews and Christians will be celebrating Christmas and Chanukah at the same time.

For the Christians; this Christmas, with the exception of so many American (and others) troops in harms way overseas, will mostly be like all other Christmases.

For Jews however; this Chanukah can be the last for millions who are in the center of the Islamic storm.

Chanukah celebrates the “miracle” of an oil lamp that burned for 8 days in the Jerusalem Temple, recaptured from Antiochus IV, who led the Greeks in their suppression of Judaism.

Jews worldwide light our Chanukah Candles to remember this “miracle” of light. But if we are not vigilant, and prepared to do what must be done, the lights that shine brightly in Jerusalem might be extinguished for an eternity.

We are witnessing the other side of the Intifada.

This is the side where the Palestinians promise to be good. And the Free World, including the Americans put pressure on Israel to show “more” restraint, and to be “more” generous.

The day doesn’t pass without a serious Palestinian outrage against the Jews of Israel.

If it’s not a suicide bomb attack, it’s a sniper attack, or a rocket attack. But whichever it is, there is always an attack by Palestinians upon Jews.

The Palestinian leadership publicly abhors the attacks on Israel, while at the same time, they reward the families whose members have “martyred” themselves by killing Jews.

The Palestinian leaders show a civilized face to the world, while at the same time, they honor murderers of Jews by naming parks, schools, streets and events in their memory.

The Palestinian leadership proclaims that they’re great advocates of tolerance, while Palestinian school children are taught to hate Jews. And the Palestinian media (print, radio and television) publish and broadcast a steady diet of incitement against Jews.

The Moslem religion proclaims for all to hear, that Islam is a religion of peace and love. But to hear the Palestinian Imams (and virtually all others) preach how evil Jews are, and how necessary it is to wage war against the Jews, it’s kind of hard to discern the peace and love part in Islam.

Nonetheless though, the Free World, especially Europe, and far too many within America, close their eyes and ears to what the Palestinians actual do and say, while they gravitate upon what the Palestinians want the West to hear.

Israel has done half of the right thing by unilaterally pulling everything they had out of Gaza. Now it’s time for them to do the other half.

Israel should make itself abundantly clear to all who should listen to what Israel will actually do in the event of another (inevitable) Palestinian attack from Gaza.

As ugly as this sounds; Israel should simply obliterate whole communities that are close to Israel’s border along the Gaza strip.

Warn the Palestinians to leave their homes. Give them a couple of hours to evacuate. And then just let-loose.

This: the Palestinians will understand.

To do anything less, will be an abandonment of the Jewish nation’s obligation to protect its people and national integrity.

To do anything less, will be an invitation to the Palestinians to wreak even more TERROR upon a peaceful and Democratic state.

To do less, will encourage the Arab and Moslem World to continue feeding the BEAST that will eventually murder Israel, creating yet another Holocaust.

And I don’t say this lightly.

Given the slightest chance; there is not an Arab country that will not rejoice in the extinction of Israel. Or which will not contribute somewhat to the death throes of the Jewish State.

The world didn’t listen to what the Nazis had to say. And they didn’t believe that the Nazis would really do what Hitler promised. And now we see it again with the Arabs.

And too many Jews are once again putting their misguided faith in the best of humanity.

I believe the Arabs when they say they will destroy Israel and force the Jews into the sea.

I believe the Iranians when they say they will be more than happy to trade nuclear attacks with Israel.

I believe the Palestinian maps that show a Palestine with no Israel.

And I believe the whole world wouldn’t so much as lift a finger to help Israel survive in Israel’s most perilous hour of need.

If the Israelis are not for Israel? Who else will be for Israel?

Like always, I will light my Chanukah Candles for 8 days with the greatest hope that the bright lights that shine from the Menorah in Jerusalem, will continue to shine next year, and every year thereafter.

But this hope is something I do not take for granted.

Anne and I wish everyone who reads my Editorials, and/or listens to my Broadcasts a wonderful HOLIDAY SEASON!

Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. And Happy New Year!

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  1. Hi Howard : Thanks for a great article. I, like you, am an exile from QC. After the last Ontario election I was so upset that I wanted to leave. Could our coldest winter have frozen voters’ brains.You mentioned the left wing fools- media, Hollywood, television and political lies. Can I include most teachers and the average Canadian who is more interested in skidoos, hockey, and the annual pilgrimage to Cuba. Very,very sad.

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