Screw Them All – Not One Of Them Deserves My Vote.

And now that we're in the heart of a general election where all the leaders should be clarifying their positions on everything, the very opposite is happening.


It seems to me that politics and the political process in the Democratized Free World is slip-sliding away. But nowhere like it is in Canada.

Canada, as I have repeatedly written, has become a country that stands for nothing.

For some unfathomable reason, Canada can’t get enough of America bashing, while at the same time, we can’t kiss-up ardently enough to the Arab Middle East, Moslem Theocracies, and African Despots.

As for domestic policies, we’re so all-over-the-place, that what stands for policy in one part of the country is totally opposite to policy in a different part of the country.

And now that we’re in the heart of a general election, where all the leaders should be clarifying their positions on everything, the very opposite is happening.

Prime Minister Paul Martin’s THREE planks in his Liberal platform are:

1) He is not a Conservative.

2) He is willing to promise away as much of our hard earned tax money as is humanly possible to buy votes.

3) And he’s Captain Canada.

Too bad he’s not Captain Canada for the English speakers whose right to be equally visible in their own language is against the law in the province of Quebec.

It’s also too bad that Martin hasn’t put forward one exciting glimpse into a vision he has for Canada. So why vote for him?

Stephen Harper, who I was going to vote for, mostly because I couldn’t stomach the idea of voting for a Liberal, is not going to see my vote.

Harper, if possible, stands for even less than Martin, unless you think that the most pressing issue facing Canada is revoking the Right for Gays and Lesbians to marry.

And – Stephen Harper is even more shameless than Martin is when it comes to sucking up to Quebec.

Harper sees no reason why Quebec shouldn’t have even more “cultural and Linguistic powers”. And why Quebec shouldn’t be able to represent itself in international forums alongside sovereign nations.


According to Harper: Quebec is getting short-changed in the “fiscal imbalance”.

I have no idea what the fiscal imbalance is supposed to mean, other than let’s give Quebec more money.

I don’t need Harper as a cheerleader for Quebec ethnocentric nationalism on my dime, especially when ALL Quebec politicians do that so magnificently well all on their own.

As for the NDP . . . Marxism has failed. And no one told them or their leader Jack Layton.

I’m going to either vote GREEN, or put an X across my ballot.

I don’t want any of the above.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more.The problem is two-fold: elected politicians who forget who they are supposed to represent and are always chosen by the party bosses from the “political elite” members of the party, and secondly, an apathetic, lazy, shallow thinking electorate who are more concerned with buying the latest electronic gizmo than with the future of the state. The fall of the Roman Empire, was because the the population was bought with bread and circuses. Sound familiar?
    P Grassie Lindsay ON

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