I Make Every Effort I Can To Get It Right, In Spite Of What Rob Trollinsky Thinks.

Rob Trollinsky took exception with my Editorial (December 13, 2005) concerning Satellite Radio coming to Canada.


I receive a great many LETTERS TO THE PUBLISHER. Some of which are far too long for me to read. Some are one or two sentence notes. Many are great letters where the senders ask that they not be published to Galganov Dot Com.

And some, which are really very good – I publish.

I published one Saturday (December 17, 2005) from Rob Trollinsky of Montreal, under my heading: Galganov Should Get It Right.

Rob Trollinsky took exception with my Editorial (December 13, 2005) concerning Satellite Radio coming to Canada.

I won’t rewrite what he wrote, since you can read it for yourself, other than to say that I’m sorry that I didn’t measure up to his incredible standards of accuracy.

In my December 17, 2005 Editorial, I said that there is no need for Canadians to purchase Canadian Satellite Radio, when for virtually the same money, Canadians could buy either of the two US services and get much more.

I also said that Sirius Canada and XM Canada don’t provide the same great Talk and News choices that are available on their parent American systems.

Sirius has earned a tidal wave of publicity by paying Howard Stern a half BILLION dollars to broadcast on their system. That’s great if you’re an American. But if you’re on the Canadian system, you’re out of luck.

On XM Radio Canada, there isn’t even one American Talk Radio channel, which really sucks, since no one does Talk Radio better than the Americans.

And as for American News which is far more important to us than the BBC; XM Canada and Sirius both have CNBC (which is not even on the ratings radar) and just one of CNN’s two channels.

Sirius also has the Bloomberg report which is hardly news. While XM has FOX. And that’s it.

My point that Rob Trollinsky missed, has very little to do with my lack of a comprehensive accounting of XM Canada and Sirius Canada’s programming.

What my Editorial was all about, was the lack of choices offered to Canadians, when in essence, Canadians are paying virtually the same price in comparison to the US services for less quantity and quality.

As for the accuracy of my Editorial in question, which so bothered Rob Trollinsky, I have nothing to apologize for, since FOX News is not available on both competing Canadian Satellite services. And neither is American Talk with the exception of ABC on Sirius.

Where I was wrong, is that neither service seems to be picking up Air America. So what?

I have no real understanding of Rob Trollinsky’s problem with my Editorial, since it delivered the exact message that inspired people to think and question: Rob Trollinsky being a perfect example thereof.

Nonetheless; I am very grateful that Rob Trollinsky has taken the time to read what I wrote, and for his effort to write me with his comments.


Thank you Rob!

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  1. How do you explain the lack of effort on the part of American Jewry, e.g., Senator Chuck Schumer, to act against the influx and influence of Muslims in the Obama administration. With him, you’d think it would a bitter pill but it’s personal individual survival, not his religion or country.

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