Don’t Let The Likes Of Tookey Williams Drag Us Down To His Level.

I am always in awe of the people who are most in favor of state sponsored murder.

A great deal is being said about sparing the life of Stanley Tookey Williams, the founder of the infamous murderous Los Angeles street gang we know of, as the Crips.

By the time you read this editorial, or hear the accompanying Galganov Dot Com Broadcast, Williams will most probably be dead from a lethal injection.

In spite of being convicted for murder, Williams thinks (thought) he should live because he has redeemed himself as a born again human-being. As part of his rebirth, he has written books about, and has become a public advocate denouncing street gangs.

Even the Nobel Committee is considering Tookey Williams to be the recipient of this year’s Peace Prize. And now that he is to be executed, he stands a good chance to win as a symbol.

I guess that a murderer and founder of a street gang responsible for MILLIONS of atrocities, including: murder, drugs, prostitution, kidnaping, extortion and domestic TERRORISM, to name but a few, rates a Nobel Peace Prize, just because the guy responsible for all of this has said I’m sorry.

But what else would anyone expect from a Nobel Committee that gave Yasser Arafat, the murderer and father of modern TERRORISM the Peace Prize?

I’m against the death penalty, not because I think scum like Stanley Tookey Williams has a right to live. I’m against it because I don’t believe the state should become cold blooded executioners.

I am not against the death penalty on religious or moral grounds.

I feel no compassion for reprobates like Williams simply because he has seen the light. I couldn’t care whatsoever if beasts like Tookey Williams rot in jail until he dies a natural death. Or until another inmate slices his throat.

I just don’t want our society reduced to his level.

I am always in awe of the people who are most in favor of state sponsored murder.

It seems to me that they’re the same religious fundamentalists who are against a woman’s right to choose, against doctor assisted suicide, and against stem cell research.

But when it comes to planning the cold blooded murder of another human being; no problem.

One has to be impressed with self-righteous fundamentalists who see themselves as the guardians of an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth; who have no compunction whatsoever to be the jury and the executioner.

If I believed in Hell, this is where I would want all the Stanley Tookey Williams to spend their eternity. But since I do not believe in Hell, let him and the dregs of society like him, spend whatever days they have left as incarcerated beasts.

It’s the least they deserve.

And for us: We deserve far better, as a civilized society, not to be dragged to the level of the people some of us want to murder in the name of justice.

Goodbye Stanley Tookey Williams. You won’t be missed. It’s just too bad that we’ve stooped to your level.

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  • It’s time for American and Canadian Jews to stop not politically supporting Israel and believing the Bull Shit Obama has been spreading about how the Israelis are persecuting the Palestinian people

    Gerald Miller, Merritt Island, Florida, United States

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