Bravo To John Bachelor For Sticking It To The Syrian Ambassador.

When John Bachelor learned that his co-host was persona non grata in Syria, Bachelor wasn't going either.

Friday night (December 9, 2005), on the John Bachelor Show (XM, Sirius, WABC 770 New York, or an ABC Radio Affiliate anywhere in the USA from 9p-1a), Bachelor was doing his broadcast live from Amman Jordan.

He was supposed to be in Damascus. But there was a bump in the road on the way to Damascus that everyone should have anticipated, but didn’t.

Bachelor, being a Protestant Christian as he stated Friday night, was given a visa to enter Syria. His co-host, a 5th generation American Jew was not.

When John Bachelor learned that his co-host was persona non grata in Syria, Bachelor wasn’t going either.

In a pique of bonafide anger, Bachelor was able to get the Syrian Ambassador to the USA (who was in the USA) on his phone, and live-on-air.

He demanded from the Syrian Ambassador to know why his Jewish co-host was denied entry into Syria.

And after a great deal of double speak from the Syrian Ambassador explaining that Syria has no Jewish policy, Bachelor called him everything from a liar to a racist.

And not from behind his back.

It was absolutely undiplomatic. Politically incorrect. And totally irreverent.

BRAVO to John Bachelor!

Now, if only those who claim to lead us could be that passionate and forthcoming on issues that need no debate or explaining.

As is written on my home page:

“Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty Is No Vice. And Moderation In The Pursuit Of Justice Is No Virtue” – written by the late US Senator, Barry Goldwater.

It’s NEVER enough to just talk the talk.

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  1. NOTHING could be clearer! Even in 1939 Germany. The thugs are empowered while the Constitution burnd
    burns. Lock & Load People, Semper Fi!

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