Where Would Jesus Shop?

If picking a fight with Walmart, by invoking the name of Jesus is good for their business, then that's what they'll do.

If you think my title to this Editorial: “Where Would Jesus Shop” is somewhat disrespectful? You’d be right.

To connect shopping with Christianity’s Savior, is just about as irreverent as it gets. But I didn’t do it.

It’s not me who has reduced Christianity’s Son of God to a marketing campaign. It’s the Christian Right. They’re the guilty party.

Proselytizers and tambourine-bangers in the name of Christ have a great gig. They provide virtually nothing to humanity that can actually be quantified other than the selling of faith.

Now, I don’t have a problem with people of faith selling it to each other. If Evangelical Christians want to raise their hands to their Lord and sway to emotional sermons and hymns: Good on them.

If Catholics, Jews and Moslems want to do penance of some form: Good on them too.

But for Evangelicals to use their “Prince of Peace” to defame Walmart, because they perceive Walmart’s treatment of their staff to be unfair, is as over the top as it gets.

In the real Secular world, wherever Walmart has opened up in North America, they’ve created massive employment, and have made shopping affordable to lower income earners who would otherwise not be able to buy very much of anything.

In the USA alone, Walmart will contribute some $200 million to charities this year.

Can all the Evangelical churches combined claim to match even 10% of that amount?

Evangelical churches and their leaders can easily be recognized, because they’re the ones with their hands perpetually outstretched asking their parishioners for money.

And they’re the ones who take credit for the personal donations their parishioners give to the community.

But do they put their hands in their own pockets? NO. They put their hands in the pockets of others in the name of their Lord Jesus Christ.

And if picking a fight with Walmart, by invoking the name of Jesus is good for their business, then that’s what they’ll do.

If people who really do believe in Christ are worried that there are fewer and fewer believers all the time, they should look at the religious promoters and media who are making their beliefs look more superficial and ridiculous every time they open their mouths.

The only thing that would be more stupid for a religious huckster to say than: Where Would Jesus Shop? is to say: Jesus Shops Here.

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  1. A lot of us agree and can see it coming Howard. The question is what can we as individuals or as the small minority do to change things or even prepare for the inevitable? (Besides stock up on food and ammo as A.P. above suggests!)

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