Enough Of The God Message Before Breakfast.

If I wanted to shower myself with religion in the morning, which I do not, I would go to the Synagogue and pray with believers.

It’s a real pity that FOX News can’t stop spreading the word of God in their self-declared war against those they perceive to have declared war on Christmas and Christians.

I like FOX News. But not enough to wake up to it every morning to hear about God.

If I wanted to shower myself with religion in the morning, which I do not, I would go to the Synagogue and pray with believers.

FOX News will lose a great many viewers such as myself if they don’t stop proselytizing. I tune into FOX News for the news, and for discussions on current affairs. But not to be inundated with religious beliefs.

It seems to me that all of the “hot” FOX News shows like: FOX and Friends In The Morning, Bill O’Reilley’s No Spin Zone, along with Hannity and Colmes, are infected with this absolute need to press their religious beliefs on their audience.

They really don’t have to. All of these performers are more than sufficiently talented to own their audience without the God fixation.

I don’t give a rat’s ass what the morning show hosts believe or disbelieve in terms of religion. It’s their business. Not mine. And I resent the fact that they’re constantly throwing their beliefs in my face.

As a result, I have now tuned my television to politically correct CNN, which does not stand for the Christian News Network. I’m also certain that I am not the only person who has had enough with the preachiness of FOX News.

As for the FAR RIGHT view of the world. I’ve had more than enough with that as well.

I used to enjoy tuning my XM Satellite Radio to the Conservative Broadcast XM 166. But how much can you take of people whose views are so far from the Center, that I’m more unnerved by them, than I am by the targets of their never ending outrage?

And they too can’t seem to push enough God-stuff on their audience.

Several of the Right Wingers I dislike the most include: Ann Coulter, Michael Reagan, Michael Medved, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh and Howie Carr: the last three of whom are not on XM.


I’m so done with these Right Wing self-promoters, that I decided to give Air America, the Left Wing alternative on XM 167 a try. That lasted a few minutes.

In their own way, these Leftists are cut from the same cloth as their hated rivals on the Far Right. And between them, there isn’t an ounce of value.


One of my very favorite Talk Show Hosts is John Bachelor, who broadcasts out of WABC New York on 770 AM from 9pm to midnight, Monday through Friday.

If you have a decent AM radio, it is very possible to pick-up his signal as far away from New York City as Montreal.

If you have an XM Satellite Radio, you can hear him anywhere in North America on XM 124.

You can also find him on the Internet by going to the Media Section of Galganov Dot Com, USA – John Bachelor. His show might also be syndicated on ABC affiliated stations across the USA. If it is, you would do well tuning him in.

His show is fabulous. He focuses from the Center. And he isn’t soft on anything.

When it makes sense, he shoots from the Right. And when it makes sense to shoot from the Left, that’s where he will be. He doesn’t take callers. And he has a fabulous lineup of guests who are very much in the know.

Bachelor and his guests are not afraid to take-on anyone in a position of authority. And they don’t mince words.

His disdain for the UN is absolute. His devotion to the security for the State of Israel is remarkable. His inside information is cutting edge. And where he stands on religion is beyond me, because it is NEVER a part of his show.

If there’s just one Radio Talk Show Host worth listening to; it’s John Bachelor.

In the meantime, I hope that the information I Write and Broadcast on Galganov Dot Com measures up to your expectations. I certainly don’t want to be anything like the people I’ve criticized in the preceding.

Thank you for reading my stuff, listening to my Broadcasts and sending me your opinions. I really appreciate it.

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  1. Here in “Entitlement Land” (aka Ottawa) we are already “circling the wagons”.
    Arnold Eyre, Ottawa

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