The Outrage – Iraqi News Stories Bought And Paid For By The US Military

In war, everything goes. And in this case, positive propaganda against the insurgent TERRORISTS, the Sunnis and the Bathists is as vital a component in the Coalition arsenal as are bombs and bullets.

I don’t get this outrage by the US News Media, that the US military has been buying space in Iraqi newspapers so they can plant “good news stories”.

So what?

The US News Media make a fortune doing the same thing.

Without receiving leaked stories from government PR people and spin doctors, the US News Media would have very little to print. The fact that no money (that we know of) changes hands to publish stories is almost irrelevant.

The US News Media is all about making money one way or the other.

The US News Media can argue that they don’t take money to publish government stories. But what about the easy access many of the “big names” get to important government officials?

Do major US News Media providers really think they’ll get their people on Presidential flights without giving something back in return? Or how about getting on campaign busses?

And I’ve yet to hear about too many US News Media people who are above accepting free travel junkets.

There is another side to this coin that the “Holier-Than-Thou” US News Media seem to be ignoring:

In spite of all that the US government is saying about victory in Iraq, it isn’t even close to true. There is a continuing war in Iraq. No one has won anything yet.

As long as there are daily attacks and murder on everything and everyone in Iraq, including police stations, recruits, the military and politicians, to name but a few; there is a raging war.

In war, everything goes. And in this case, positive propaganda against the insurgent TERRORISTS, the Sunnis and the Bathists is as vital a component in the Coalition’s arsenal as are their bombs and bullets.

The irony, is that Liberal newspapers can’t help but show how evil the US Military is concerning their biased and paid news stories that appear in Iraqi media, while Liberal and Conservative News Providers never hesitate a split second to publish their own biased stories.

But, in the case of the paid US military stories, I’ve yet to hear that the paid articles are not accurate. I can’t say the same for many “unpaid” mainstream Liberal and Conservative articles.

The last time I looked, the US News Media are not in the middle of a war zone, where getting the message out is as vital to the lives and safety of soldiers, as is their body armor and their own weapons.

It is very sad that the Coalition (USA) military has to fight a vicious and intractable Islamo-fascist enemy, on the enemy’s turf with one hand tied behind their back, only because the Liberal US News Media think they’re not “playing” fair.

I’d like to see the Leftists do better under the circumstances. The troops deserve better.

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  1. there is no question the system is broken and simply can’t sustain itself. I would argue we are in the collapse already and have not hit bottom. The chasm between financial classes is unbridgeable. We live in a time where underachievers are glorified and corporations have no empathy.

    we need to come up with another “ism” this one has run its course. There is value in human beings that can’t equate to a dollar sign, nor should it ever. .

    Ideas used to be the currency of the west, moving soc

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