The Christmas Warriors Are Over The Top.

In his town, it is now illegal to say "what a beautiful Holiday Tree" or "Happy Holiday".

The vast majority of North Americans consider themselves to be Christian. Amongst this group are Catholics, Orthodox and several sects of Protestants.

This is to say that the Christian communities in Canada and the United States of America are not about to disappear any time soon.

So why all the crap about “The War On Christmas”? There is even a book out by that title which is doing quite well.

What “War On Christmas” are they talking about?

Has any government banned the use of the word Christmas? Or the description of the Tree as a Christmas Tree? Has Christmas present-giving become a subversive act?

And if you wish someone Merry Christmas as a salutation; will you be fined or worse?

To listen to FOX News, and virtually every other news network, you’d believe that the Taliban have taken over our Western societies and are in the process of dismantling Christmas.

Yesterday (December 1, 2005), a mayor in a piss-ant Nova Scotia town passed a law banning the use of any other term for Christmas or Christmas related objects as illegal.

In other words: In his town, it is now illegal to say “what a beautiful Holiday Tree” or “Happy Holiday”.

I contend that the people who are so hyped-up by what some people want to call Christmas, are indeed the ones who are the problem. Of what concern is it to them if I want to wish someone a Happy Holiday?

How does that take away from Christmas?

The other side of the coin is: What’s all this Christmas stuff all about anyway?

What does binge-eating and obscene gift-giving have to do with the birth of Jesus Christ?

What about the Tree the Christmas Warriors are so adamant to keep from being called a Holiday Tree?

Where does a spruce or pine tree connect with Jesus Christ who was born 2,000 years ago in a place where coniferous trees didn’t quite exist?

To me, Christmas has to do with the history and message of the Christian Messiah, whose name has regrettably been used for almost two millennium to justify some of the greatest atrocities committed.

Nonetheless, the message of Peace, Love and Compassion which Christians attribute to Christ, is what the holiday should be all about. Instead though, it has become about greed and tribalism.

If I was a Christian, I’d be far more concerned about the spiritual message, than I would be about the commercial image.

Like it or not, Canada and the USA are Secular countries where there is no OFFICIAL Religion. And as such, it is no one’s business how an individual, corporation or government body wishes to name this time of the year.

As a Canadian Jew, I am very happy to wish my Christian friends a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and my Jewish friends a HAPPY CHANUKAH.

And if someone wishes me a HAPPY HOLIDAY, I am thankful for the thought.

So to all the Christmas Warriors: take a closer look at what is really important during the Holiday Season and rethink your perspective.

After-all, it’s the Christian thing to do.

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  1. I have just finished reading your editorial and I am so discouraged at what is happening to our great countries. The only solace is what will happen to the left if they keep up their stupidity by giving in to those that will destroy us if we don’t fight back with every fibre of our being!

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