So Many Choices – And No One Worth Voting For.

Given my druthers, I'd rather be voting for None Of The Above!

Now that the Canadian election has been called for Monday, January 23, 2006, the stupid factor is upon us.

It started with the shameful and ridiculous display of Liberal high-fives in the House of Commons when they got their asses soundly kicked by the Opposition, who booted them out of office in a non Confidence vote.

I never saw so many people so deliriously happy at losing. The technical word to describe these Liberals is SCHMUCKS.


Then there’s the Conservative Party, whose leader, Stephen Harper, who doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning one seat in the Province of Quebec, chooses to go to Quebec to kick-off his campaign.

The Quebec “Anglos” vote almost exclusively Liberal. I think it’s a genetic thing, while most Quebec French speakers don’t even care to know that Harper and his Conservatives even exist. And those who do, only see him and his, as Canada’s English “bogey-men”.

And more than that; here he is, once again talking about rescinding the rights of Gays and Lesbians to be married as if this is a burning political issue.

Even though this is a lose-lose debate for Harper and the Conservatives, they can’t seem to help themselves.

Someone should mention to Harper and his Conservatives that English speaking vote-rich Ontario is the key to the door to the Prime Minister’s Office. And most people care more about real issues than they do about same gender marriages.


The NDP (Socialists) still believe in the good of the “collective”.

They’ll receive a mountain of scattered votes by the something-for-nothing bunch who hate successful business entrepreneurs, the USA and Israel.

And when they win a few seats, they and the rest of Canada will feel secure that there will be a Leftist conscience in Ottawa to protect Canada from all those big bad business people.


What is terrifying about the Bloc Québécois (Quebec Separatists) who get elected in huge numbers to represent ONLY Quebec’s interests in Ottawa, is that they are the ONLY Party that makes sense.

The Bloc actually stands for something.


I hope the Liberals get their asses served up to them on a platter. They’ve been the most corrupt, disingenuous and arrogant group of politicians I have ever seen within Canada.

I hope the Bloc Québécois sweeps Quebec, denying the Liberals any Quebec seats.

While this is unlikely to happen, it is not inconceivable that the Bloc might win three key Montreal ridings from Liberal Cabinet Ministers.

They can win the seat of Lisa Frulla, the Minister of Heritage who is on record as saying that in her absence at international forums, her Quebec counter-part can speak in her place on behalf of Canada.

Imagine; a Quebec nationalist representing the rest of Canada?

Then there’s Jean Lapierre, a once upon a time federal Liberal until he stabbed his Party in the back to co-found the Separatist Bloc Québécois with Lucien Bouchard.

He then stabbed Bouchard in the back to leave the Bloc Québécois to work for a French language radio station in Montreal, where he is on record as saying that he would personally protest the use of English signs at Eaton’s, a downtown Montreal retail store, before the whole Canadian chain went bankrupt.

Lapierre is a Quebec Nationalist (Separatist) Anglophobe, who is the Liberal Prime Minister’s Quebec Lieutenant, and Canada’s Minister of Transport.

If anyone deserves to be kicked out of office – he’s the guy.

And then there’s the ever so arrogant Pierre Pettigrew, Canada’s Minister for External Affairs, who thinks it’s normal to bring his chauffeur with him while traveling abroad, even when there is no car for the chauffeur to drive.

It doesn’t make me happy to think that Pettigrew is spending my hard earned tax dollars to bring along someone he might be far more intimate with than somewhat.

If Pettigrew has a thing for his chauffeur, I don’t want to be paying for it.

These are three high profile Liberals who are very vulnerable to the Bloc Québécois. And if there is any electoral justice, they will be looking for new careers on January 23, 2006.

More than that though: If there was any political justice in Canada, we’d have some real choices other than I’ll vote for the least objectionable.

Given my druthers, I’d rather be voting for None Of The Above!

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