Canadian Federal Liberal Idiots To The Polls

Imagine the losers of a wipe-out Super Bowl loss, high-fiving each other at center field as if they had one?

Yesterday (November 28, 2005), the Liberal Canadian government of Prime Minister Paul Martin was Democratically overthrown in a Parliamentary Non Confidence Motion.

The way it works in Canada, is that all the elected Members of Parliament vote on motions presented by the government to become law.

Once the motion is approved by a majority of votes in the House of Commons, the motion becomes a Bill that is sent off to the Senate for ratification.

If the majority of Parliament votes against a government Bill, the government is forced to resign since it is deemed to have lost the CONFIDENCE of Parliament.

This only happens when there are fewer Members of Parliament in the Governing Party than there are total Members amongst the elected opposition.

In some cases, Canada’s Governor General might call upon the opposition members to see if they can unite and form a government on their own.

If there is no chance for a new government to be formed, the Governor General is obliged to dissolve Parliament and call a new election, generally within 30 to 45 days from the dissolution.

What was interesting to watch, were the Members of each Party who were individually called upon by the Speaker of the House to vote yea or nay to keep or throw-out the government.

First it was the Conservatives who are (were) the Official Opposition. Then there were the NDP (Socialists) and the Bloc Québécois (Quebec Separatists). Then it was the governing Liberals.

How’s this for a scene?

The outcome of the vote was a forgone conclusion. The government was going to fall. Yet, with every Liberal who stood up to vote to stay in power, the rest of the Liberals hooted and hollered.

And when the outcome was declared, and Parliament was ordered to be dissolved, the Liberals started high-fiving each other as if they just won something extraordinary.

Imagine the losers of a wipe-out Super Bowl loss, high-fiving each other at center field as if they had one? This is how the Liberals behaved as their sorry political asses were being kicked out of office.

What was even more Alice In Wonderlandish about the Liberals celebration of being kicked-out, was their standing ovation for Carolyn Parish who was herself kicked-out of the Liberal Party (about one year ago) for insulting the Liberal Party and her leader Paul Martin.

It should also be said that Carolyn Parish’s riding (where she will not seek re-election) is a heavily Moslem Arab community, where she fits in like a glove.

Carolyn Parish is the despicable moron who hates Israel and the USA with a venom.

She’s the sick piece of work who stomped on a George W Bush doll, and said that she hates the American Bastards.

For her anti-Semitic bent, support of Palestinian TERRORISTS, and non-stop insults towards the Americans, she received a standing ovation from the defeated Liberals.

For those of you (mostly Americans) who are curious why the Opposition ganged-up to overthrow the Liberal government; the answers are simple.

The Liberals have been caught red-handed stealing tax-payers money. They’ve been caught lying, cheating, paying-off friends and trying to cover-up all of it. And instead of doing the right thing and resigning, they chose instead to cling onto power.

And now Canada goes to the polls.

If there is any justice in Canada, there will not be one Liberal re-elected in the forthcoming election.

But being Canada and all, it is more likely than not that the Liberals might even come back into power as another minority government, simply because most Canadians are so stupid, that they’ll vote for thieves, liars and cheats if they call themselves Liberals.

And you Americans think your politics is in the toilet.

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  1. Re your freedom of speech, it has not been that long since Ann Coulter got cancelled at one of the universities in Ottawa because a few students did not wish to hear the truth. The people of Ottawa, for the most part, didn’t care. I saw nothing about this Toronto happening on Fox Cable news although there is good coverage about Israel and what is happening with Palestine. It seems fair, although my interpretation could be biased. It is sad that every part of government, becomes political.

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