The Arrogance Of Fox News

Yesterday (November 25, 2005); FOX ran a story (non-stop) about Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister in 1968. It was neither FAIR nor BALANCED.

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I like watching FOX Cable News because their slant on who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are in the global war on TERRORISM is far closer to mine than CNN and the conventional television networks.

That said though; FOX News is not without some serious faults.

Their motto is FAIR AND BALANCED. But this is not true.

What is true is that they do allow the other side airtime, which they use to humiliate the other side. This is hardly fair or balanced.

I would have more respect for FOX News if they dropped their FAIR AND BALANCED motto completely, and stopped pretending that they are in fact Fair and Balanced when they are not.

I also dislike their assumed command of all things moral and Christian. If they want to be known as the Christian News Network, they can call themselves CNN 2.

It seems to me that far too may of the FOX News talent see enemies to Christianity around every corner. Here’s a newsflash for FOX News.

More than 75% of the USA recognize themselves as Christians.

13% consider themselves to be Secular and do not identify themselves as any specific religion.

Leaving 12% to share the rest of the religious pie.

With more than 3/4 of the population declaring themselves to be Christian, what the hell is their problem?

I very often see FOX News as the harbinger of religious strife, where there needs to be none. One of the many things that makes America great, is its separation between Church and State.

The greater the separation. The greater the country.

Then there’s the moralizing:

It seems that FOX News, which prides itself on Conservative values of individual freedom and self responsibility think differently when those freedoms don’t mesh with Fox News’ religious morality.

Three perfect points in question: Gay Rights. Women’s Rights To Choose. And Stem Cell Research.

Of what business is it of FOX News to pass judgement on same gender relationships? On a woman’s right to decide not to incubate a fetus. And on scientific research that could use base embryonic material to save mankind from unbearable suffering?

And then there’s the battle concerning the teaching in public schools of Biblical Creation versus Evolution. Someone should tell FOX News that the Scopes’ Monkey Trial is over. And the Monkeys won.

Yesterday (November 25, 2005); FOX ran a story (non-stop) about Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister in 1968. It was neither FAIR nor BALANCED.

In the story which was repeated in seemingly every news cycle, FOX highlighted that Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Defence Minister and deputy Prime Minister wants to establish a forum with which to deal with Aliens from another planet.

FOX goes on to say that Hellyer suspects that President Bush wants to colonize the Moon, so the American military will be able to shoot down Alien spacecraft.

What makes this story so sensational, is that Paul Hellyer is identified by FOX News as being a former big shot in the Canadian government, as if he was in the government just yesterday.

I’m certain that FOX can do the math. Paul Hellyer’s last position within a Canadian governing Party was 37 years ago.

Where is this report FAIR AND BALANCED?

Fox is using a has-been politician as a tool with which to embarrass Canada. Again I ask: Where is this FAIR AND BALANCED?

Then there’s the other side to this story:

Who says there isn’t a possibility of life beyond our minuscule Planet in our tiny Galaxy?

The Universe is so vast, that for FOX News to belittle the chance, that we on earth are the only intelligent life in this virtually endless Universe is arrogance to the hilt, not to mention a mind-set that is closed to any ideas beyond their comprehension.

I feel badly that FOX News doesn’t measure-up to their own hype. Nonetheless though, FOX News is the best of the alternatives for me.

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  1. And then they wonder why the public refers to them, as pigs. Mike Krueger, Huntsville, AL

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