King Abdullah Of Jordan Just Woke Up – Hallelujah.

So why all of a sudden did he pledge to fight Islamic TERRORISM wherever it might be?

On November 24, 2005, US Thanksgiving Day, King Abdullah of Jordan declared war on Islamic TERRORISM.

I wonder why the King of Jordan all of a sudden “Got Religion”?

Wasn’t he aware of the fact that Arab and non Arab Moslems were committing the most heinous attacks against humanity in the name of his religion?

It’s not as if Islamic TERRORISM was happening a million miles away.

Had he tried hard enough, he might have even heard the bombs exploding in Israel, just across the Jordan River which divides the two countries.

If he didn’t want to try to hear the Islamic bombs exploding in Israel to know that TERRORISM was alive and well in his neighborhood, all he needed to do was read any Western newspaper, watch any Western television station, or better yet, tune into Al Jazeera.

The murder and mayhem at the hands of his co-religionist Arab brothers and sisters was not a secret. Nor was it something that was all that far removed from his kingdom.

So why all of a sudden did he pledge to fight Islamic TERRORISM wherever it might be?

The simple answer is self preservation.

When Jews were being blown apart by “his people” on a sickeningly routine basis in Israel, he was silent.

When the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were attacked on 9/11, he paid the perfunctory condolences.

When the trains were destroyed in Spain he said nothing.

When the London underground and double decker busses were whacked, I’m certain his heart didn’t bleed.

When the Bali night-spot was decimated, murdering all those Australians, I don’t recall his outrage.

When the Israeli owned Kenyan resort was devastated by Allah Akbar-Screamers, I didn’t hear, read or see the King of Jordan expressing his shock or sadness.

As a matter of fact; I don’t recall the King of Jordan making any public denunciations of TERROR attacks launched in the name of Islam anywhere in the world.

That is; not until the Islamo-Fascists whacked three hotels in his kingdom of Jordan.

And more than that: The Islamo-Fascists responsible for these TERRORIST deeds declared that their REAL target was the King himself. They don’t like it that he’s so cosy with the USA and Israel.

Now all of a sudden, Abdullah declares war on fundamentalist Islam.

What a stand-up kind of guy.

With friends like him? . . . You know the rest.

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  1. The cops should be ashamed of themselves. There was the case in Toronto of Sun News reporter David Menzes trying out his new camera in Dundas Square, only to be verbally threatened & physically assaulted by a group of muslim men and women who tried to take his camera ’cause they objected to him taking pictures near them. Even though Menzes was slapped and spit upon by a woman, the cops refused to press charges against her, and threatened to charge Menzes if he pursued the matter further!

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