The USA Doesn’t Have A Lock On Idiot Black Leftists

I'm sick and tired of being the "Root-Cause" for people who are pointing fingers of blame at everyone but themselves.

I awoke this morning to see and hear on the national CTV (Canadian Television) morning show (equivalent to Good Morning America) three Black community activists pointing their fingers at me and mine for the problems faced by the Toronto Black commumnity.


Screw all the Black Intellectual Apologists for bad Black behavior.

Screw all the Black and White Leftist Do Nothing Do-Gooders who are in constant search for the “Root Cause” that makes bad people do bad things.

Screw the Black activists who call themselves African Americans and African Canadians, when their attachment to Africa is so far removed that they only use the term as a ways and a means to segregate themselves from mainstream society.

Screw all these Bastards who blame me and mine for their shortcomings.


If you think that what you just read is racist and anti-Black? THINK AGAIN!

The real enemies to the Black community are their own leaders who search high and low for scapegoats to blame for many in their community’s inexcusable behavior.

I’m sick and tired of being the “Root-Cause” for people who are pointing fingers of blame at everyone but themselves.

I no longer want to hear about what the Black Community wants and needs. If every other race, culture and separate community can make something of themselves in our greater North American society without special treatment; then so can the Blacks.

And if they can’t – TOUGH!

It isn’t because of some grand conspiracy that the greatest per capita number of prison inmates in America are Black. It isn’t part of some grand conspiracy that the greatest number of highschool dropouts per capita in America are Black. It isn’t part of that same conspiracy that Blacks have the highest per capita teen birth rate in America.

None of the above are because of me and mine.

If the Black community wants to know why they’re in so much trouble, all they need do is look in the mirror. And stop looking at me!

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  1. This never hit the news here in Detroit. Not surprised given that the sacred islamist are the darlings of the PC on this side of the border too. Perhaps providing a type of guard group is the only way such things will not happen. Police will never get involved if they are at risk. The new cop ain’t the cop of old. Too bad, they used to be good guys.

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