How Do The Right Wingers Define Success?

The Iraqis had nothing whatsoever to do with fighting for their "rights" to have Democracy.

Yesterday (November 21, 2005), while driving to Montreal, I listened to WABC Talk Radio out of New York City on XM Satellite.

The Radio Talk Show Host was adamant that the Western armed forces (USA) in Iraq are winning. And that the Iraqi people are on their way to a real Democracy.

In essence, what he said was: We can not desert the Iraqi people who fought for, and won their Freedom and Democracy.

What a load of crap!

Americans, Brits, Aussies, Italians, Spaniards, Czechs, Poles, etcetera fought to overthrow Saddam Hussein and bring about what slightly passes for Democracy to the Iraqi people.

The Iraqis had nothing whatsoever to do with fighting for their “right” to have Democracy.

As a matter of fact and not conjecture; the much ballyhooed made in Iraq Constitution is nothing more than pages of contradictory platitudes which entrenches the Rule of the Koran above all other forms of law.

Some Democracy uh?

I don’t recall any Iraqi “Freedom Fighters” attacking Saddam’s army as the good-guys rolled towards Bagdad. They were too busy looting their country in the wake of the attacking Western troops.

To the Right-Wingers: US/Iraq Policy is a success. But, once the West (USA) pulls out of Iraq, Iraq goes into automatic self-destruct.

How’s that a success?

Once there is no American influence to keep the Iraqi “Democratic” politicians civilized, the Iraqi Constitution that makes Iraq a defacto Theocracy will have the value of toilet paper.

The future for Iraq once the Americans leave will be anarchy.

The troops will be bought-off by ethnic warlords. The police will make the Al Capone era Chicago cops look like choir-boys. And the judges will be the front-men for the Mullahs.

And if you think I’m wrong. Think Iran after the Shah fell. Think Lebanon after the Syrians and Palestinians had a go at it. Think about how well the Palestinians are coping with their experiment with Democracy.

And then think about the iron fist it takes to rule every Arab country.

Soften the fist: and bye-bye Arabian pie.

I agree that the world (USA) can not pull out of Iraq at this time. But for Right-Wing Journalists and Talk Show Hosts to pretend that there is some success in Iraq, is an insult to the intelligence of the people they reach.

There will be victory in Iraq only after the West (USA) establishes some kind of temporary stability, which will then allow them to declare victory and get out as fast as they can.

I’m thinking that things will probably get a lot worse before they get better. If they ever get better.

I’m wondering how someone from the Far Right spells success?

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  1. Our constitution calls for “Peace, Order and Good Government”.

    The “performance” of the police demonstrates, once again, that, at the municipal and provincial level, we’re losing peace and order, and we have lost good government.

    Arnold Eyre

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