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Boisclair has stated that Canada's Clarity Act, which sort of spells out how a province can "legally" secede from Confederation is meaningless.

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If it’s not always about Quebec, it seems to always be about Quebec. Therefore; I have to determine that it’s always about Quebec. And like many Canadians, I’ve really had enough about Canada always being about Quebec.

The “official” Quebec nationalists, the Parti Québécois have elected their new leader. His name is Andre Boisclair.

Boisclair’s just 39 years old. He’s openly and enthusiastically Gay. And he’s an admitted Coke-Head. Or at least a former Coke-Head, so he says.

Boisclair won the leadership of the Separatist Parti Québécois by a landslide. And not just with the youthful “stupid-vote”. He also scored pretty strong with the more mature “stupid-vote”.

Unless something incredible happens between now and the next Quebec election slated for two years from now, Boisclair will lead his Separatist Party to a resounding victory over the stand-for-nothing Quebec (Quebec nationalists-lite) Liberals, led by the even stand-for-less Jean Charest.

Boisclair has made his ambition to take Quebec out of Confederation abundantly clear.

Immediately following a Parti Québécois victory in the next Quebec election, he will hold a referendum with a clear question concerning Quebec’s desire to leave Canada and become a sovereign state.

More than that: Boisclair has stated that Canada’s Clarity Act, which sort of spells out how a province can “legally” secede from Confederation is meaningless.

If a majority of Quebecers want to leave Canada, and says so in a province-wide referendum, that is more than enough for Quebec to declare a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI).

And why not?

As I see it; it seems to me that Quebec will vote OUI to leave Canada under our current circumstances.

To many Canadians, this is a bad thing. To other Canadians such as myself, it is long overdue.

I did my thing within Quebec, fighting for the rights of all Canadian citizens to be equal wherever they lived. But to no avail. There simply is no resolve amongst Canadians to have a country where the rules of equality apply from coast to coast.

In spite of what the intellectuals will have the people of Canada and the province of Quebec believe, the single force behind Quebec’s determined drive to be a sovereign state is ethnocentric nationalism.

No matter what “federalists” have to say, or what the financial realities dictate vis a vis Quebec’s enormous financial advantage to staying within Canada, Quebec wants out because Quebec wants to be an exclusively French society where they answer to no one but themselves.

Keeping Quebec within Confederation has cost Canada dearly.

We have lost opportunities that will never present themselves to us again. We’ve isolated some of our best friends. And we’ve established relationships with nations which bring virtually nothing to our table.

But most of all, we have set national policies based not on what is best for Canada, rather than, on what is acceptable to Quebec.

In doing whatever Canada could to appease Quebec ethnocentric nationalists, Canada has ignored its Western provinces to the point of insult. And for this, Canada will probably pay the ultimate price.

I have little doubt that Quebec will leave Confederation. But I have even less doubt that other Provinces will leave as well. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Alberta left before Quebec.

If the writing is already on the wall that Quebec is about to say au revoir, why should Alberta with their enormous wealth hang around waiting for Quebec to end Confederation, when the Albertans have the most to gain from leaving the dysfunctional Canadian family?

Boisclair will most probably be Quebec’s last Premier, and Quebec’s first Prime Minister or President.

And what will be left of Canada will be the better for it.

What makes this scenario so sad, is that none of this should have ever happened. Quebec nationalists teamed with piss-poor federal politicians have killed the greatest country that could have been.

Too bad eh?

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