Cut And Run Is Not a Winning Foreign Or Military Policy.

How much of a Pyrrhic victory do these cut and run members of the US Congress want to give the Islamo-Fascists?

Some members of the US Congress (Democrats) want the USA to pull its soldiers from Iraq and come home NOW! That was until their feet were put to the fire by a vote forced by Republicans.

It would be nice if the coalition troops (USA) could just pack-up and leave Iraq because they’re getting beat-up some. But it would also be a disaster.

Leaving Iraq under fire from insurgent TERRORISTS would be the largest Islamic victory ever against the West. Especially when it’s the GREAT SATAN who will be shown to have been driven out.

The Israelis learned the hard way about leaving a region under fire, when they left their Lebanese Security Zone simply because it was no longer worth defending.

Instead of finding more peace and security because they left a region in conflict, they found instead an emboldened enemy who declared victory and stepped-up attacks against an enemy they had wrongly convinced themselves they had defeated.

Israel paid the price in blood and national angst until the “end” of the Second Intifada for appearing to cut and run in Lebanon.

And to some extent the Israelids are still paying.

In the Arab/Moslem world – what they see is not what we see.

Because the world powers which fought in Desert Storm (1991) decided not to reach Bagdad or get Saddam, the Iraqis, along with much of the Arab/Moslem world saw Saddam Hussein as the victor.

If they (the Americans) couldn’t get him – Saddam won.

How much of a Pyrrhic victory do these cut and run members of the US Congress want to give the Islamo-Fascists?

How much do these members in the House of Representatives want to embolden the Arab/Moslem world to take their fight to the next level?

If the world (USA) leaves the Iraqi battlefield, because some politicians don’t have the stomach to finish what they started, the Islamo-Fascists will be finishing it on the turf of those who retreat. And not on their own.

So where do these American lawmakers want to see the final battles fought?

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  1. I agree with your comment that Hamas could have set this up. They brainwash kids to wear bombs, why not do the same to become a martyr in order to have the world come down on Israel? Nothing would surprise me from people who but death and hatred before anything else. No wonder that people have no hope for the future when all they are taught is how to kill their neighbor and deceive in the name of a religion.

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