A Disrespectful Birthday Present To The Marines

What I expected to see was a shoot-em-up action movie where the good-guys beat the enemy in spite of overwhelming odds.

I spend a considerable amount of time traveling for our advertising business. So, if there seems to be an extended lack of Editorials and Broadcasts, it’s probably because I’m on the road and away from home.

During this past week I was in Toronto. Hence, no Editorials from Tuesday until today (November 18, 2005). But not writing Editorials does not mean that I’m not thinking about them.

Very often, being away from home gives me an opportunity to think about issues that would normally not enter my mind. And more than that, being with our ad agency clients is a wonderful way for me to clear my mind from politics and social issues.

When I’m away from home, and not having supper with clients, I generally enjoy going to see movies that Anne wouldn’t be interested in seeing.

So this past Tuesday night, I sat through the latest war flick called “Jar Head”.

What I expected to see was a shoot-em-up action movie where the good-guys beat the enemy in spite of overwhelming odds.

Instead; what I saw was an anti-Marine propaganda movie that would cause Michael Moore to have an orgasm.

The writers, producers and director of this movie portrayed the entire Marine Corp as blood-thirsty, masturbating, intellectual neanderthals from the bottom up to the top down.

I can’t recall ever seeing such an unabashed hatchet-job.

To believe this movie, is to believe that the United States Marine Corp is evil. And everything they stand for is sub-human.

Of what purpose does “Jar Head” paint the most depressing depiction of life in the Marines as one could imagine?

Are the writers, producers and director of this travesty so consumed with hatred for George W Bush and his foreign policy, that they will do whatever they can to trash The Few, The Brave, The Marines just to make their point?

I would like to see these Hollywood Warriors produce and show movies of this bent in the countries that are sworn to kill the freedoms these Hollywood Bastards seem so easily to take for granted.

With all of that said: As long as there is a Marine Corp, idiots such as these will always have their Constitutional right to be harmful and wrong, simply because guaranteeing one’s American Constitutional right to be wrong, is essentially what the Marines are all about.


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  1. Israel will punish the murderers of the Arab boy.
    Muslims will praise the murderers of the 3 Jewish boys and name streets after them.
    Two different religions.

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