Bill Clinton Dreams On.

Clinton is as right about this, as he was about pursuing Osama Bin Laden through Interpol.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are currently in Israel, along with a great many other VIP’s, remembering and paying homage to the late Israeli General and Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, who was gunned down by a Right Wing Jewish religious nut-job 10 years ago.

Rabin was murdered by this Jewish fundamentalist because he went as far as he could to make peace with the Palestinians through their murderous leader Yasser Arafat.

Clinton is on record, believing that Israel and the Palestinians would have already achieved peace had Rabin not been murdered 10 years ago this week.

Clinton is as right about this, as he was about pursuing Osama Bin Laden through Interpol.

It’s nice to see the world through rose colored glasses, like wishing on a star. But this isn’t Disney World where wishing upon a star makes everything better.

The Arab nations, especially the Palestinians do not want peace with Israel. They never wanted peace with Israel. And they never will want peace with Israel.

The sooner Israel disappears from their midst, with all of Israel’s dangerous Western concepts like Democracy, Secular Rule of Law, Rights of Individuals, Equality amongst the Genders, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Assembly; the happier all Arab countries will be.

It would be nice if Clinton was right. But when it came to the Arab Middle East and Islamism, Clinton was never right when and where it counted.

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  1. As a Jewish Atheist and a proud member of my local Atheist synagogue,, I respectfully applaud your courageous efforts, as well as those of your God-fearing subscribers. You have crystallized my thinking. One of my mentors, Oral Roberts graduate, agrees with almost all of your comments.

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