Purge The American Far Left – Purge The American Far Right.

It's more than enough that one group of religious idiots (Moslem fundamentalists) want to wage a religious war, without Right Wing Christians supplying the counter.

It’s a disgrace how the Leftists and their allies are using the fallibility of the reason(s) to go to war in Iraq, as a reason not to engage the Islamists who make no secret of wanting to annihilate our Modern Secular Democracies.

It is also a disgrace and a stupid strategy for the Conservatives (Republicans) to cosy-up to the religious Right, as these nut-jobs try to show themselves as the other side of the Islamists.

It’s more than enough that one group of religious idiots (Moslem fundamentalists) want to wage a religious war, without Right Wing Christians supplying the counter.

Because of these American religious fundamentalists, the American mainstream is moving decidedly away from the Republicans. And far away from the national mind-set needed to take on the Islamists.

When the battle against Islamo-fascism is being portrayed by the American religious Right, as a battle between religious ideologies, the mainstream will stand even further back with the misinformed idea that this fight is not about them.

No one wants a religious war in the 21st century.

And in their own and opposite way, the Democrats with their Leftists are no better.

It is remarkable how the Leftists and their pals are absolutely mute about the non-ending carnage in France at the hands of Islamists. It’s just French “youths” don’t you know?

And when it comes to Palestinians butchering Palestinians: there is even more silence.

And the fact that Iraqis, Syrians, Lebanese and Jordanians are busy blowing each other up, also seems to be of no concern to the Leftists and their pals.

BUT – Let one Israeli take down a Palestinian suicide murderer, and the Leftists go ape-shit. Let the Israelis build a wall to protect themselves from a murdering culture, and it’s as if Israel has created Concentration Camps.

Let the American military do whatever it can to bring Democracy to a region of the world where Democracy is needed most, and the Leftists look upon their own American warriors as if they are the enemy.

Islam has declared war on Democratic Secular Modernity. But, because of “our” far Right religious nut-jobs and the Left’s insatiable hatred for anything that is not part of their socialist collective, the threat from Islam is being ignored by the mainstream, who are apparently not smart enough to see beyond these two (American) fundamentalist groups.

It would be an enormous gift to the American people, and to the world, if the Republicans divorced themselves entirely from their religious nut-jobs. And the Democrats did the same thing with their idiot socialist Left.

America can do better. America deserves better. And frankly, so does the world.

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  1. Howard, one thing that is missing from all the articles is the difference between the Jews and their Arab neighbors. One, as Jews we did not and will not celebrate the death of anyone. Even on the height of our joy on Pesach when we recite G-d’s victory over the Egyptians we reduce our joy by 10 drops. Two, we sought out the murderers of the young Arab boy and did not celebrate his death. One society lives in a world of death, the other in a world of life

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