A New Way At Looking At An Old Root Cause.

Why do so many Leftists cross all bounds, and stretch all parameters to find fault with Israel over every Arab (Palestinian) outrage?

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On November 8, 2005, I wrote and broadcast about the French Intifada.

What I wrote and said brought me no shortage of responses from readers and listeners. Non of whom expressed any disagreement. Most of whom offered quite a few of their own great opinions.

As I write this, I am flipping between Fox News and CNN, both of which are carrying live coverage of the 3 Hotel bomb blasts in Amman Jordan, and I am wondering: what more do the Moslem Arabs have to do to make the West take them and their religious/cultural threats seriously?

It seems they have absolutely no problem savaging their own, as much as they want to savage us.

I was thinking once more about that famous Leftist mantra – The Root Cause, and asked myself what excuse the Liberal Left could possibly come up with to justify yet another act of Arab/Moslem TERRORISM?

The answer could not be more simple:

Islamo-fascism is evil – That’s the Root Cause.

In our modern homogenous world, where most civilized secular societies ignore racial and religious differences, Islam is a throwback to the dark ages where the tribal instinct is to either conquer or wipe-out a competitive tribe.

I understand this. But for some remarkable reason, I can not for the life of me understand why so many bright, aware, and well educated Leftists are numb and dumb to this reality.

This isn’t rocket-science. The Islamists have made it abundantly clear that they want the entire world to live by the culture and rules which are dictated by their specific religious beliefs.


There is another Root Cause that is NEVER discussed. Not even amongst people with whom I am like-minded. And not because it is an issue that is taboo. But rather, because our minds don’t think this way about intelligent, civilized individuals who mostly understand and appreciate the secular rule of law.

Why do so many Leftists cross all bounds, and stretch all parameters to find fault with Israel over every Arab (Palestinian) outrage?

Why is the same phenomenon also true from so many people who are not necessarily from the Left, like most Europeans for instance?

Anti-Semitism is the Root Cause for the obscenely unfair treatment Israel receives from much of the world. Understanding this requires no great intellectual effort.

President Bush and the First Lady were at the Jordanian Embassy this afternoon to sign a Book of condolences for the murdered Arabs in Jordan.

Could someone point out to me when President George W Bush, or any other President visited the Israeli Embassy in Washington to sign a Book of Condolences for murdered Israeli Jews?

It’s not as if Bush and his predecessors haven’t had ample opportunities to honor murdered Israelis as Bush has just honored murdered Arabs. It’s not as if Arab TERRORISTS haven’t murdered Israeli Jews as if it was a free-for-all.

And what about Condoleezza Rice’s kiss-up to the Moslems when she celebrated their end of Ramadan by telling all who will listen that Islam is a religion of Peace?

You don’t have to stare far or hard to see the Root Causes. They’re there just for the looking.

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  1. I am so thankful for GOD giving me a STRONG Personality & the ability to argue with a Signpost if I know something is not true. As a child, my Dad told me -“Your mouth is going to get you in trouble” Yes it has but I NEVER apologize for the truth. I think Mr. Howard and I are related.. I agree with his FIRST Plan… (Give a inch -take a mile-not on my watch. The 2nd plan would be nipped in the bud)

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