The French Have No One To Blame But Themselves.

67 years later, the French are repeating history with the aid of the same Leftist mind-set that had France sell-out Czechoslovakia.

The flames are licking at the feet of the Arc de Triomphe, as the smoke hides the height and width of the Eiffel Tower in the caldron of the burning Red Crescent.

Last night (November 7, 2004), the Canadian CTV Network news anchor, Lloyd Robertson, asked the CTV reporter in the thick of the French Intifada: “What is the ROOT CAUSE”

I wanted to vomit.

Lloyd Robertson is well past his news anchor “due-date”. To hear him ask the ultimate Leftist mantra about the “ROOT CAUSE” is insulting to all of his viewers.

The world pretends that Islam is a religion of peace, love, understanding and respect, even though virtually every international outrage before and since the end of the Cold War has been caused by Islam.

The French have been the greatest pretenders, just like they pretended that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Germany weren’t a threat to themselves and the rest of Europe.

In September 1938, 67 years ago, the French partnered up with Hitler, Mussolini and the British fool Chamberlain to convince Czechoslovakia to surrender Sudetenland to Germany.

Without making this sacrifice to Germany, Europe could face war.

Not only was this September meeting in Munich one of the most cowardly events in modern history, it also led to the massacre of 6 million Jews, and 6 million non Jews in Nazi Concentration Camps.

And by the time the smell of cordite dissipated from Europe, Asia, and Africa in 1945, more than 50 million others had perished. The monetary cost of the destruction by today’s terms would be inestimable. The human cost unspeakable.

And 67 years later, the French are repeating history with the aid of the same Leftist mind-set that had France sell-out Czechoslovakia.

The succinct answer to Lloyd Robertson’s question about the “ROOT CAUSE” is cowardice to do what must be done before it is too late.

Like 1939; France is once again reaping the whirlwind it has sown.

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  1. Hey yallll! my dad god rest his soul had a saying. That guy has a brain like a bebee in a box car. think on that one.
    That’s the left period!

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