Canada Screwed Out Of Hundreds OF Millions Of Dollars For Quebec. And Now For The Real News.

With Quebec, it will never end.


The long awaited Gomery Report was released yesterday (November 1, 2005).


For my American readers, Gomery is a Canadian judge who was assigned the task of laying blame for what started out as a quarter of a BILLION dollar scandal involving government kick-backs, illegal campaign contributions and outright fraud.

The scandal centered on a federal (Canadian) propaganda campaign to show the Canadian flag in Separatist Quebec.

The idea was for the federal government to surreptitiously sponsor events in the province of Quebec for the sole purpose of injecting federal icons in an almost covert fashion.

$250 million was set aside in a somewhat secret account for this purpose.

In reality though, the entire concept was stupid from the get-go, and open to every kind of abuse an active mind could conceive.

This sponsorship program quickly grew into a piggy bank for a host of so-called Quebec federalists who lined their pockets while pretending to save Canada.

In addition to a bunch of Quebec advertising executives who billed millions of dollars for work never done, there were politicians and civil servants of all stripes who lined-up at the trough for their gluttonous share of hard earned tax dollars.

And then there were the Quebec Separatists who were also employed by this federal program to help dole out the money.

There is so much blame to go around for this larceny, that nothing short of jail sentences to the participants from the top down; meaning from the Prime Minister at that time, Jean Chretien, to the lowliest bureaucrat who had his/her fingers touch the pie would suffice.

But no one will be going to jail. And everyone who is dirty, is now out of the political game. No one but the tax payers will pay the price.

After all the dust settles, the cost of this “Sponsorship Scandal” including the investigations, hearings and lost time, will easily top half a BILLION dollars of hard earned taxed income.

What is not being discussed is the reason for this politically obscene crime.

It seems that everyone, including the media are forgetting that a half BILLION Canadian tax dollars were squandered for the exclusive purpose of placating French Quebecers, who Ottawa believes must be convinced that staying in Canada is a good deal for them.

When there is not enough federal money for a litany of important social services, infrastructure maintenance and sustaining a viable military; how can Ottawa justify spending BILLIONS of dollars to convince Quebec that Canada is a good deal?

You might wonder why I just wrote BILLIONS of dollars, when what we’re speaking of is a quarter to a half BILLION dollars in the Sponsorship Scandal.

I wrote BILLIONS, because this current Sponsorship obscenity is just one of thousands of tax-dollar Quebec sink-holes into which Ottawa has dumped what amounts to hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, from the time of then Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau in the late 1960’s.

The cost to keep Quebec within Confederation is in itself an obscenity. But when you couple it with the kind of fraud and outright theft that is the hallmark of the Sponsorship Scandal, it becomes even more than that.

It becomes a compelling reason for Canada to negotiate Quebec’s departure from Confederation, and an entirely new partnership amongst willing Canadian Regions.

To spend BILLIONS of federal tax dollars in such a disgracefully wasteful manner, when all of that revenue can otherwise be used to enhance the Canadian human condition has become Canada’s legacy.

In this sense: Canada’s legacy is more of a crime, than the Sponsorship crime that was a result of the legacy. With Quebec, it will never end.

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