Calling An Enemy Everything But What It Is.

To the idiot Leftists around the world, the Moslems are really all about love, peace and compassion.

Beside the horrifying prospect of the Avian Flu Pandemic, which seems to be more of a probability than a possibility, there is the Moslem Pandemic that is here now.

We all keep hearing how the religion of Islam has been highjacked by Moslem “extremists”, and in reality, Islam is a religion of love, peace and compassion.

It’s just too bad that the facts scream differently.

This past weekend, 4 Christian Indonesian schoolgirls on their way home from classes were attacked by masked men dressed all in black. One of the girls managed to escape with machete gashes to her head and back.

The other three weren’t quite as lucky. They were murdered and beheaded.

These Christian girls in their school uniforms were guilty of just one “crime”. They were Christians in a Moslem country. And for that they paid the ultimate price.

This same weekend saw a series of bomb attacks in India against Hindus. Once again the murderous TERRORISTS were “peace-loving misunderstood” Moslems.

The day doesn’t go by without Moslems murdering other Moslems in Iraq.

Moslems in the Palestinian territories continue to do whatever they can to kill Jews in Israel.

And then there is the greatest Moslem insult upon humanity that is completely ignored by all countries of the world. Moslem women are denied simple basic human rights throughout much of the realm of Islam.

Not only can Moslem women not vote in most Moslem societies, they also can not have ownership of property, drive cars, occupy political offices, walk the streets unescorted, show their face and hair, and date or marry whomever they wish.

And if all of that is not enough: Moslem women are routinely murdered by men (fathers and brothers) for sexual indiscretions; real or imagined.

It seems that the Moslems who murder Russian children in their school, or murder Russian theatre patrons must be very misunderstood. Just like the Moslems who were somehow the only “victims” in Bosnia.

Then there are the misunderstood Moslems who routinely murder non Moslems in the Philippines. The Arab Moslems who murder Christians in Sudan, and then murder Black Moslems because they aren’t Arabs.

We would do well not to forget the Spanish train bombing, the British subway bombing and 9/11.

In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, the idiot Leftists around the world still believe that Islam is really all about love, peace, and compassion.

I especially love the line that goes like: If Israel would only leave the occupied territories, there would be peace in the world.

Yeah right!

Tell it to the murdered Indian Hindus and the three Indonesian girls who felt the “love” of Islam this past weekend.

Right now, the world seems to be doing all it can to prepare for a probable assault from a deadly virus, even though we do not know for certain when, where and if it will strike.

But when it comes to what is already a constant assault upon humanity, with an imminent catastrophic attack by a clearly identifiable foe, we pretend that it is everything that it is not.

What fools we are.

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  1. Evidence is coming to light that the Arab boy’s murder may have been gang related. Two weeks earlier his father called police that someone tried to kidnap the younger son. The mother and father can’t get stories straight.

    For 18 days US silent about US-Israeli boy kidnapped. When found dead: Israel must show restraint. US-Arab killed right away Kerry warning Israel (but never warned PA about anything).

    Five Israeli men beaten near death by Arabs. Nothing in press. Nothing by Kerry/Obama.

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