More About Canada Teaching The USA A Lesson.

Without our $101 BILLION trade SURPLUS with the USA, we would have a $35 BILLION trade deficit just by trading with the rest of the world.

Yesterday (October 24, 2005), I wrote of Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Canada, and broadcast under the title: “We’ll Teach The Yanks A Lesson – Even If It Bankrupts Us” (please see Archives).

I received quite a few letters concerning this issue, one by Joseph Eliott that was published in the Letters To The Publisher Section today.

In all, most of the people were somewhat surprised to hear on my broadcast, how much of our national revenue is American. The Americans buy $351 BILLION from us. We buy $250 BILLION from them.

Without our $101 BILLION trade SURPLUS with the USA, we would have a $35 BILLION trade deficit just by trading with the rest of the world.

According to Statistics Canada’s Web Site, Canada’s 2004 trade, not including the USA is as follows:

Japan: MINUS $61 million.

United Kingdom: MINUS $21 million.

The European Union Without The UK: MINUS $10 BILLION.

The OECD (Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation): MINUS $8 BILLION.

The Rest Of The World: MINUS $17 BILLION.

And here we are threatening the USA that we will take our business elsewhere because of a $5 BILLION countervailing duty the Americans have unfairly charged us over softwood lumber.

Where are we going to take our business to lose even more money?

More than that, Ottawa has threatened to sell our energy (oil and gas) to other nations. Someone should remind Ottawa that Canada’s oil and gas are owned by the provinces, and not by the country.

I’m certain the Albertans would love the Ottawa Liberals telling them that they can’t sell their oil and gas to the Americans, especially since much, if not most of the financing to bring this energy out of the ground comes for American investors and the American oil industry.

And what do we (Canadians) need these (North to South) multi-billion dollar pipelines for anyway?

To make our dispute with the Americans even more ridiculous; Canada’s Prime Minister (Paul Martin), and Canada’s Justice Minister (Irwin Cotler) want to sue American gun manufacturers because much of Canada’s gun violence (specifically in Toronto) involves smuggled US hand-guns.

What does that say about the Liberals $2 BILLION gun registration fiasco?

Perhaps Martin and Cotler should consider suing Jamaica and other Carribean Island nations for their transplanted Toronto Blacks who are using these guns? Many of these people, just like the guns are smuggled into Canada illegally.

Or Even Better:

Maybe these two geniuses should sue the Toronto Black Community and its leaders for not doing enough to teach their youth better values?

Or Even Better Than That:

Maybe they should sue their own Department of Immigration for allowing these thugs into the country in the first place? Or for letting them stay in this country even after they’ve been ordered deported? Or for letting them stay in this country even after they’ve been discovered to be here illegally?

If these Black Gang-Bangers didn’t have “some” American weapons, they’d get weapons elsewhere. Or they’d make weapons themselves. Or they’d use knives and baseball bats.

To add our own failings for crime prevention and a bad immigration policy as yet another reason to attack the USA, has taken Canadian stupidity and our national embarrassment to a whole new level.

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  1. Even though I am Catholic, I weep for the 3 teenagers. We are all God’s children, irrespective of how we choose to worship or the name we call our deities. I weep for their parents as there can be no pain like losing a child in any manner, but it must be infinitely worse when it is a senseless act of brutality. God is watching all of us and I pray he will be merciful on judgement day because his wrath will be ferocious.

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