We’ll Teach The Yanks A Lesson – Even If It Bankrupts Us.

In essence; Uncle Sam is punishing Canada for a litany of insults which we've directed at the White House specifically, their government, and the American people in general.

Condoleezza Rice, arguably the most influential, if not the most powerful woman in the world, is in Ottawa for two days starting today (October 24, 2005).

It takes less time for her to fly to Ottawa from Washington DC (about 1 1/4 hours), than it would for someone from Ottawa to drive to Plattsburgh New York (about 2 hours).

So why are we Canadians so low on the US Secretary of State’s list of countries to visit? I guess it’s the same reason that it takes days for the US President to return telephone calls from Canada’s Prime Minister, Paul Martin.

I bet the President takes the calls of guys like Tony Blair, or returns them without delay.

Not only are we not that important to the Americans. We’ve also become not that important to the rest of the world.

Indignant Canadians who are pissed-off at US intransigence over trade issues such as Canadian softwood lumber and Canadian beef exports, should know that the real cause for America to be shafting us, has far more to do with Canada shafting the USA on the international scene, then with the products we want shipped South.

In essence, Uncle Sam is punishing Canada for a litany of insults which we’ve directed at the White House specifically, their government, and the American people in general.

We Canadians have taken our privileged relationship with the United States for granted for too long. And now we’re paying the price.

Our latest Canadian screw you to the USA is our threat to turn the direction of our trade from them, to the burgeoning economies of China and India.

If Stupid was a country: Canada would be called Stupid!

Pierre Elliot Trudeau had this same anti-American philosophy during the 70’s and 80’s, and all it got for him in the end was a visit by Castro to his funeral. It certainly didn’t do wonders for Canada’s economy.

Our Canadian politicians don’t want to tell the Canadian people that all of the great social benefits we enjoy in Canada are fully paid for by what the Americans buy from us.

And that without the USA – China, India and the rest of the world wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about Canada, other than for what they can import from us in terms of our unprocessed natural resources.

Any Canadian who thinks that our relationship with the USA is a balanced two way street, and that the USA needs us as much as we need them, has to be at best a Liberal, and at worst an uninformed idiot or socialist – but I repeat myself.

The USA seems determined to make it necessary in the very near future for Canadians to have passports to enter their country.

If this does indeed become a condition for Canadians to enter America, a great many Canadians will not have the wherewithal to acquire passports, effectively sealing off the border to what is currently unrestricted travel.

I can not think of a greater punishment to the Canadian people, than having to show a passport to enter a country we have always felt is an extension of our own.

In Business 101, it is the Holy Grail that a seller does everything he/she can to ingratiate himself/herself to the buyers. But not according to Canadians.

Instead of making our American clients, in this case the American government, starting at the White House, feel good about doing business with Canada, we do whatever we can to poke them in the eye.

Imagine how long any business would stay in business if what they did was to constantly ridicule, and then threaten their single biggest customer who is responsible for almost 100% of their revenue?

If you can imagine this. You can understand what Canada is doing to the USA.

Unfortunately though, more than 77% of Canadians just polled believe that we should teach the Americans a lesson and sell our energy and lumber elsewhere.

I guess for most Canadians, understanding the principles of Business 101 is too much to ask. And when the shit really hits the fan, as it will, the Canadian government will hold a Royal Commission to figure out why.

But the truth will never be told.

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  1. In my opinion…who in their right mind would think you can just commit an crime and atrocity such as that which was committed against innocent children that it would go without retribution or revenge or what ever you want to call it…it’s our duty as parents, community, society, government to protect our children and when they are threatened to drop the hammer down on those perpetrators who willfully want to do them harm…these scum of the earth should be taken out without remorse!

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