The Chutzpah Of Bouchard

If Bouchard and his sort want to know why Quebec is in the toilet, and heading for the big flush, all he and they have to do is look at themselves in the mirror.

It’s all about Quebec again. This time though, it’s about Quebec heading toward yet another social revolution akin to the so-called “Quiet Revolution” of the 1960’s.

And who’s leading the charge to remake Quebec yet another time? It’s of all people, Lucien Bouchard, Quebec’s former Premier and Separatist leader.

Lucien Bouchard started his life as a federal Liberal, living on the far North Shore of Quebec. He later became a Quebec Separatist. Then a federal Conservative. Then a federal Quebec Separatist. Then a Quebec Separatist again. Then the leader of the Quebec referendum in 1995 to break Canada apart. Then the Separatist Premier of Quebec.

Today, as a private citizen, Lucien Bouchard is a partner in one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious law firms: Davies, Ward, Phillips and Vineberg.

I wonder if anyone bothered to tell Lucien that his new partners were Anglos, many of whom at the senior level are Anglo Jews. And much of their real heavy lifting is done in Toronto.

It seems strange to me, that Lucien Bouchard, who did everything he could to split Canada apart in his quest for an all French speaking ethnocentric Québécois state, joined a law firm that is so far removed from his ethnocentric mind-set, that he’s more or less renounced everything he stood for effectively by joining the other side.

As Quebec’s leader during the period of the 1995 referendum, Bouchard is on record as saying at a French CEGEP (college), “that only the Québécois people are a pure people, while the rest of Canada are a diluted people”.

And now the Fucker’s back.

News media across Canada are reporting and editorializing on the manifesto which Lucien Bouchard and a group of other “prominent” Quebecers have signed, demanding extraordinary changes in Quebec’s social and fiscal policies.

The manifesto declares that:

Quebecers work less on average than most other Canadians.

Quebecers take more vacations on average than other Canadians.

Quebecers retire earlier than other Canadians.

Quebecers are more in debt with maxed-out credit cards than other Canadians.

Quebecers pay far too little for electric energy.

Quebecers pay far too little for university tuition.

Quebecers pay far too much in income taxes.

Quebecers expect far too much in social services.

Quebec is too controlled by the unions.

Quebec doesn’t have the population growth to sustain itself in the near future.


According to Bouchard and other leading ethnocentric Québécois nationalists: Quebecers need to learn how to properly speak, read and write English.


That’s pretty rich when you consider Bouchard and his minions of ethnocentric Québécois political racists drove about half a million English speakers from the province of Quebec with their draconian language laws that made the unrestricted use of the English language ILLEGAL!

In addition to the half million English speakers who left Quebec from the early 1970’s to date; what about their children?

Those children of the former English Quebecers (Montrealers) who were born outside of Quebec could have been contributing for more than a generation to Quebec’s social and economic benefit.

But, because of Quebec’s policy of ethnic-cleansing, aided and abetted by appeasing Quebec Anglos and chicken-shit politicians in Ottawa, the emigrant English speaking population brought their money, businesses, talent and progeny to other places throughout North America where their contributions have been, and continue to be significant.

What did Bouchard and his pals think would happen to Quebec, when they did everything they possibly could to drive the English speakers out of the province, and make those willing to stay linguistically invisible, and socially inferior?

If Bouchard and his sort want to know why Quebec is in the toilet, and heading for the big flush, all he and they have to do is look at themselves in the mirror.

Bouchard and his ilk can write all the manifestos they want. But that won’t undo or repair the irreparable damage they’ve done.

The whole lot of ethnocentric Québécois nationalists, the appeasing English speaking communities within Quebec, the compliant “Anglo” media, and federal politicians who did whatever it took to buy-off Quebec nationalists are collectively responsible for the mess that has become QUEBEC.

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  1. Howard, I don’t know how it it that you so consistently read my mind. I appreciate that you publish my thoughts.
    And now it seems that the lopsided lefties at CNN have accused, indicted, tried and convicted the IDF for the beating of the American/palestinian boy (as if there could be such a thing) knowing nothing of the participants (IDF do not hide behind masks) who could well be palestinians. Or what treachery this “kid” did………

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