A Phony Democracy Is No Better Than No Democracy At All.

Democracy literally means rule by the majority. In this respect, Iraq has become a full fledged Democracy since its government has been elected by majority vote.

The Iraqis are well on their way to Democracy, so the White House would have us believe. In reality though, Iraq is as far removed from Democracy as we in the West are from the rule of Sharia.

First: most people have a poor understanding of what Democracy really is.

Democracy literally means rule by the Majority. In this respect, Iraq has become a full fledged Democracy since its government has been elected by a majority vote.

But; to our way of thinking, Democracy means far more than that.

To us in the West, Democracy includes a real Constitution which guarantees that Minority and Individual Rights are protected from the Majority.

In Nazi Europe, the Nazi Party was the legitimately elected government of the German people.

But, did being elected by the Majority give the Nazis the right to strip away the rights of all others including: Communists, Trade Workers, the Mentally Handicapped, Gypsies and Jews?

Yes, since Nazi Democracy excluded Individual and Minority Rights.

In the pure sense, Nazi Germany was initially formed by way and virtue of the Democratic process which they used to force their beliefs upon all others.

To guarantee that Individual and Minority Rights were fundamental to the Democracy of the nascent United States of America, America’s Founding Fathers made certain that America was to be a Republic, rather than a Democracy in its pure sense.

Therefore; the people of the United States of America were guaranteed that the Majority could never use Democracy to deny inalienable Rights to the Minority and Individuals as is etched in stone by the 2nd Ammendment.

The Founding Fathers went even further by separating Church from State, so no one religion would ever have precedence over any other religion. And that religion would never influence public policy.

All of that is missing in Iraq’s Democracy, and soon to be (sort of) ratified Constitution.

Iraq’s Constitution makes Islam not only the official religion of Iraq, but also the defining aspect to the rules of law within Iraq.

Knowing just that; one can easily determine that Iraq’s Democracy-in-process is nothing akin to anything we enjoy in the Secular West.

The other reality lies in Iraq’s neighbors. Not one of them other than Turkey and Israel has any interest in seeing Iraq become a true Western style Democracy.

More than that, the Arab/Persian/Moslem tyrants won’t let it happen.

Before we all start celebrating Iraq as a new Middle Eastern Arab Democracy, it would do all of us well to understand that Iraq’s Democracy will be that much closer to the Arab and Persian tyrannies that surround them, than to Turkey or Israel, where Democracy is more like the freedoms we in the West know and appreciate.

I would love nothing more than to see the Americans, Brits and others who’ve invested so much in reforming Iraq to succeed in bringing our Western style of Democracy to them. But it just won’t happen.

The West will not change a thousand year Arab/Moslem mind-set, simply because what is good for us, is assumed by us to be good for them.

The majority of Middle East Arabs and Islamists would sooner celebrate the suicide deaths of an army of children resisting Secular Western Democracy, than a single Arab/Moslem child succumbing to it.

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  1. Nicely done. But it looks like the people who burned the Palestinian gay kid were indeed Jews.
    It’s a repugnant deed which all Jews will condemn and which Israeli courts will try the perpetrators for. If found guilty, the Jews who committed the murder will be duly punished under Israeli law. 
    That is what differenciates “us” from “them”.

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