Michaelle Jean Doesn’t Know Enough To Keep Her Mouth Shut.

I'm sure that she also felt bad that people wanted to know why Quebec TERRORISTS were always welcomed in her home as friends and guests of her and her husband.

I read in Saturday’s National Post (October 15, 2005), that Michaelle Jean, Canada’s new Governor General was upset by the treatment she received prior to her investiture.

“Some things said really hurt me”.

She was referring to questions and statements made by Canadians, myself included, that she was a supporter of Quebec Separatists.

The fact that in one of her husband’s documentaries, she is seen toasting with Quebec TERRORISTS, who were part of the FLQ gang that blew up federal property and English property in Montreal seems to be lost on her.

The FLQ TERRORISTS kidnaped the British Trade Commissioner James Cross. And to give them that real “bad-boy” persona, they kidnaped and murdered Pierre Laporte (a Quebec government Cabinet Minister) in cold blood. All at the same time.

While it is true that these TERRORISTS and their filthy deeds date back from the mid 1960’s until October 1970, what they did and stood for was nothing less then shameful. Vile stuff they never apologized for.

These are the folk Michaelle Jean and her husband call their friends.

I’m sure that she also felt bad that people wanted to know why Quebec TERRORISTS were always welcomed in her home as friends and guests of her and her husband.

Will her TERRORIST friends be invited to dine at Rideau Hall, the official residence of the Governor General?

And then there was this little matter of being a citizen of France, while at the same time wanting to be Canada’s Head of State and Military Commander in Chief.

When asked repeatedly whether she voted OUI or NON for the separation of Quebec from Canada in 1995? She wont say.

As Canada’s Head of State and Commander in Chief, I expect nothing less from her, than to speak-up for all to hear, that she NEVER voted to destroy Canada in Quebec’s October 30, 1995 referendum.

If she can’t do that. She has no right to be Canada’s Head of State, or anything else associated with that office.

And if she voted to destroy Canada in 1995, she could very well go back to her native Haiti or France, where she might feel more comfortable.

Governor General Michaelle Jean would do well to keep her mouth shut. And in her case, let sleeping dogs lie, since she can kiss the Red Maple Leaf for being such a stupid flag, that enables a Separatist supporter like her to become Canada’s Head of State and Commander in Chief.

Only in Canada you say? PITY!

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  1. Howard, I have long thought that we are living in a Bizaro world where everything is opposite to what it should be. I weep for those three boys who’s life’s were cut short because of who they were. The non reaction of the world was sickening, if there was ever the case of the world showing it’s antisemitism this was it. I pray that Bibi acts in a way that cleans this rats nest in Gaza out forever. Also Howard I don’t want to have to read the left’s vomit on these pages either, you can’t win.

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