Just What The World Needs – UN Control Of The Internet.

Do you see a little something wrong with this scenario?

I am told that the United Nations is busy trying to figure out a way for them to become a major player in all things Internet.

Now wouldn’t that be a kick in the ass?

Imagine; here’s a body (UN) comprised of murderers, torturers, misogynists, thieves, cutthroats and general defilers of humanity, who want their fingers wrapped around the throat of the most important instrument for freedom of communication that has ever existed.

Do you see a little something wrong with this scenario?

The United Nations, in concert with Moslem nations and Asian countries, the likes of China and North Korea, would love nothing more than an opportunity to control what is written, heard or shown on the Internet.

If these reprehensible monsters, who are enemies to mankind, modernity, democracy, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom of gender-rights ever get their hands on the Internet, this Web Site would not continue to exist.

If the UN and their depraved ilk ever get to say what can be posted, and what can not be posted, you’d read, hear, and see a great deal of all things anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, anti-free enterprise and anti-American.

What you won’t be able to read, hear, and see will be Web Sites like Galganov Dot Com, which has no reluctance in tearing into the Moslem religion that belongs in the Dark Ages.

And the phony bastards who propagate this Moslem sickness that rejoices in war (jihad), suicide-murderers, hatred of infidels and the social, emotional and physical abuse of women. Not to mention torture and murder.

You won’t be able to read, hear and see things that slam China for its human rights abuses. Or the UN for all of their abuses.

As it stands, the Internet is the ultimate opinion equalizer, where people like me can express ourselves in a true, honest and unencumbered fashion. Where we are all free to support who and what we want. And at the same time criticize those with whom we disagree.

I can support religion. Or I can support Atheism. I can support same sex marriage. Or I can rail against it as a depravity. I can support a woman’s right to choose. Or I can stand 4-square with the right-to-lifers. I can support mercy killings. Or I can call them murder.

On the Internet, I can do it all. And more importantly: SO CAN YOU!

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  1. Howard, I agree with your plan to post the more “reasonable” leftist rants and respond to them with our conservative values and principles. We can’t be afraid of their ideology; we need to take it head on for our conservative friends to learn from.

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