Canada Is Not A Bilingual Country

This begs the question: What does Dyane Adam have to do with the CITY of Ottawa?

The office of Dyane Adam, who is the Commissioner of Official Languages in Canada, is supporting a MUNICIPAL Ottawa bylaw that will force the CITY of Ottawa to be OFFICIALLY bilingual (French and English).

I emphasize certain words in capital letters because these words are crucial to a one-sided language policy that makes Canada a terrible joke.

The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of Canada is “officially” bilingual as it pertains to all things that are part of Parliament, which is located in the CITY of Ottawa.

The CITY of Ottawa however has nothing whatsoever to do with the federal government, other than that is where Parliament is located. In fact, the CITY of Ottawa’s legal designation falls under the jurisdiction of the province of Ontario.

This begs the question: What does Dyane Adam have to do with the CITY of Ottawa?

Her argument is:

Since Ottawa is the nation’s capital, it must also be officially bilingual. But Ottawa is not the nation’s capital. It is only the CITY where Parliament is located.

If the CITY of Ottawa should be bilingual because it is part of the seat of Canada’s Parliament, known as the NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION; what about the CITY of Gatineau which lies a mere 1,000 feet across the Ottawa River from the CITY of Ottawa? Isn’t Gatineau also part of the seat of Canada’s Parliament?

If Ottawa Ontario should be officially bilingual. Shouldn’t Gatineau Quebec?

Here’s the rub: Canada is not a bilingual country.

Approximately 80% of the Canadian population is not French speaking. And less than 5% of Canada’s French speakers live outside of Quebec. So for whom is Dyane Adam doing political linguistic somersaults?

Here’s where it becomes even more bizarre:

In all of Canada, French speakers are permitted to enjoy the full use of their language without any form of restriction.

They can communicate with each other in the French language wherever and whenever they wish. They can run their businesses in French. They can send their children to French public schools wherever they exist. And they can post any manner of signage, including advertising in the French language wherever they want to.

More than that, Canada, through the offices of the OFFICIAL LANGUAGES COMMISSION, has created an affirmative action policy that unfairly and substantially favors French speakers in the federal civil service.

So much so, that English speakers are pretty much persona non grata in executive positions. The actual numbers reflect the reality of this policy.

All of this for less than 5% of a national French speaking population that lives outside of Quebec.

What about Quebec?

Quebec’s language law, BILL 101 makes it ILLEGAL to use English in all of the circumstances listed above, where French is given absolute equality to the English language in the rest of Canada.

Quebec has language police to enforce their draconian and racist language laws. And the Office of the OFFICIAL LANGUAGES COMMISSIONER has NEVER EVER lifted so much as pen to defend the rights of English speaking Canadians living within Quebec.

Even if Dyane Adam wanted to make Gatineau officially bilingual, which she does not, Quebec’s language laws would make it illegal.

I’ve included a word for word copy of the statement of Dyane Adam vis a vis her defense of a bilingual CITY of Ottawa.

The last sentence in her press release reads: “the Commissioner must concern herself with all matters that deal with advancing the equality of status and use of English and French in Canadian society”.

Dyane Adam is a liar.

She has absolutely no interest whatsoever in promoting or protecting any part of the English language in Canada. Her actions speak far louder than her words. In essence; Dyane Adam is the COMMISSIONER FOR THE FRENCH LANGUAGE IN CANADA.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am absolutely convinced that Quebec has become a defacto French “Nation” as so many of our politicians have confirmed. I accept that with no malice.

But, there must be quid-pro-quo. The rest of Canada must recognize that Canada (excluding Quebec) is an English speaking nation.


The Role of the Commissioner of Official Languages with regard to Canadians for Language Fairness v. the City of Ottawa.

On October 5, 2004, Canadians for Language Fairness filed a notice of application in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice challenging the legality and constitutionality of a City of Ottawa bylaw. The municipal bylaw in question provides that residents of Ottawa have the right to communicate with the City of Ottawa, and to receive services from the City, in their preferred official language, in accordance with the City’s Official Languages Policy.

The Commissioner stands behind the City of Ottawa on this matter. Her position, which will be laid out in an affidavit, will be predicated on the principle that it is important that the capital of a bilingual country have a policy that sets out its bilingual character and guarantees the provision of services in both official languages.

The Commissioner is charged with ensuring full compliance with the objectives of the Official Languages Act. In order to fulfill this aspect of her mandate, the Commissioner must concern herself with all matters that deal with advancing the equality of status and use of English and French in Canadian society.

To obtain a copy of the exhibits to the affidavit or for further information, please call 1 877 996-6368.

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