Let’s Whack The Yankees One More Time

Instead of saying nice things, McKenna decided instead to whack the USA upside the head for issues that are of absolutely no concern to Canada.

Yesterday (September 29, 2005), Frank McKenna, former Premier of New Brunswick and current Ambassador to the United States of America delivered a speech at the Empire Club in Toronto.

The Empire Club is a gathering place for the who’s who of Canada’s business establishment. So, when Canada’s Ambassador to the USA speaks, and the US Ambassador to Canada is there to listen, a lot of people show up.

One would expect that Canada’s Ambassador would speak of Canada and America’s close relationship. How we can mutually offer benefit to our social systems and make North America a better place for both countries.

Instead of saying nice things, McKenna decided instead to whack the USA upside the head for issues that are of absolutely no concern to Canada.

There sat the American Ambassador to Canada, listening to a Canadian pipsqueak lambaste his country for it’s financial deficit ($500 BILLION), it’s nearly bankrupt retirement fund, and it’s “dysfunctional” bureaucracy.


McKenna sort of forgot that the USA is the world’s ONLY superpower. And that the USA virtually pays the entire tab of keeping the world safe all by itself. And that the USA is also the primary paymaster for the United Nations.

It must have also slipped his mind that the USA is always the first, or amongst the first amongst nations to respond financially and in every other way to international disasters.

Then there’s the sciences, medicine, humanities, arts and world economics. Where would the world be without the USA investing TRILLIONS of dollars over the years to make this a better planet for everyone?

While McKenna is busy criticizing the USA for being in debt, unlike Canada which operates at a national surplus, did he remember that Canada has a virtually non existent military and pays very little into NATO?

Did he recall perhaps that Canada receives virtually 100% of its national trade surplus (about $100 BILLION) from what the Americans buy from Canada?

There’s a great deal this schmuck forgot – including his manners.

One does not invite a guest into your home only to shit on him and embarrass his family in front of other guests. This is what McKenna did to David Wilkins, the US Ambassador to Canada.

What is as galling as McKenna’s horrible performance at the Empire Club was his statement that he was “inspired” by Canada’s new Governor General (Michaelle Jean).

This Haitian born, used to be French citizen, landed Canadian immigrant, CBC journalist (TV anchor), and supporter of Quebec TERRORISTS who are responsible for cold blooded murder and attacks on Canadian and English institutions in Montreal in the 1960’s and ‘70’s – was his inspiration.

It’s truly hard to know which is the greater insult.

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