A Real Lesson From Rita

Hurricane Rita exposed a terrifying "Achilles Heal" in North America's security and economy.

Hurricane Rita blew through the Gulf Coast inflicting plenty of damage and heartache, but hardly scratched the oil industry as everyone feared.

As far as Hurricanes go, Rita had all the potential to be as bad as it could get, but was mercifully more about the media coverage than the devastation.

But more than that:

Hurricane Rita exposed a terrifying “Achilles Heal” in North America’s security and economy.

Had the Hurricane followed the path everyone feared the most; as much as 30% of America’s fuel supply could have at the worst been wiped out, and at best, been so severely compromised, as to leave the USA crippled for weeks or months.

Hurricane Rita sent a message to the people of the USA that can not be ignored. America, and by extension, the Free World can not afford to be so vulnerable to the vagaries of the oil industry.

America can not take the chance that there will be a serious cut in energy supplies.

And just as bad:

America and the rest of the world can not afford the prices for fuel that is dictated by the oil producing nations, and the oil companies which produce the products that fuel our cars, trains and planes, and heat our homes and places of work.

Also; pricing that places fuel above the reach of the average American is in reality no different then not having sufficient energy.

We hear that there is insufficient refining capacities. That OPEC needs more money. That OPEC can’t take more oil out the ground than they already are. That exploration for new oil reserves drives the price per barrel through the roof.


The reality is simple: The Arabs, North Africans, Asians, Russians and South Americans are ripping us off. But so are Canadian and American producers, since they have no problem pegging their domestic per barrel prices to whatever level OPEC countries decide.

Everyone of these horrible oil carpetbaggers are lining their already overstuffed pockets with money that will bankrupt the Free Market Economy, sending Democracy and our great Social System into an abyss.

And there’s no reason for it, other than our politicians who are either too stupid, too weak, and/or too corrupt to do what is right. Or all of the above.

The solution is not complicated:

Make petroleum based energy a secondary form of power by doing a few simple things.

1) Develop more alternative energy sources such as: nuclear, solar, wind and hydro.

2) Mandate that every city use electric vehicles such as busses and streetcars for mass transit.

3) Make alternative energy driven automobiles more affordable through tax incentives.

4) Legislate MEANINGFUL minimum mile per gallon standards for all auto manufacturers.

5) Build a comprehensive nationwide highspeed rail system (electric or conventional fuel) that could easily replace most domestic air-flights, especially commuter flights.

North Americans do not have to compromise our standard of living one-whit to shake ourselves free from oil robber-barons, and oil producing international despots. We can do it without pain and plenty of gain.

And if you think we can’t afford it – think again.

Being totally energy self-sufficient is a great deal cheaper than paying $66 (US) per barrel. And much cheaper by far than fighting military battles in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

If the USA can muster $200 BILLION to rebuild the Gulf Coast, and more than $100 BILLION to fight in Iraq, they can easily afford a fraction of that to do everything I’ve listed above.

All we (Canadians) and they (Americans) have to do to make it happen – is to do it.

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  1. As always, excellent editorial. I agree 1,000% regarding how Israel should protect herself Hamas and all her other enemies, and by doing so, will also protect the world from the spread of Islamo/Fascism. Will the rest of the world support Israel if this thought was followed? I doubt it, but once these enemies are all gone, Israel will be there, and these other countries will wake up, control their own bothersome Muslims, and finally remember Israel has everything good that will help them!

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