Wiesenthal – A Real Hero

There are prominent names in corporate and political history who were Hitler admirers and Nazi supporters. Many of whom were Americans and Canadians.

A great man died September 20, 2005. His name was Simon Wiesenthal, who became famous for what he did after the Holocaust.

Simon Wiesenthal was a victim of the Holocaust in more ways than one.

He himself was imprisoned in German led and European managed Murder-Centers we’ve come to know as Concentration Camps.

He also lost 89 members of his family to this horror and hatred inspired genocide of Jews within Nazi Europe.

And make no mistake about it; Hitler’s Germans were not the only Europeans to wish the Jews dead. And it wasn’t only Germans who had a hand in Hitler’s FINAL SOLUTION.

And it wasn’t only blond-haired and blue-eyed Aryans who wanted a Jeuden Frei (Jew Free) Europe.

And it wasn’t just Europe which was complicit in aiding and abetting the Nazis, since there was no shortage of North Americans who helped Hitler and his Nazis in more ways than one.

There are prominent names in corporate and political history who were Hitler admirers and Nazi supporters. Many of whom were Americans and Canadians.

Canada’s Second World War Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, believed that NONE is too many in terms of allowing Jews to come to Canada before, during and even after the Holocaust.

Names like Harriman, Rockefeller, Ford, Bush, Dulles and Kennedy made much of their fame and fortune trading with the Nazis. There are many “respectable” villains.

After the war and Wiesenthal’s liberation, he did what no team of people could.

He set out to bring the murderers of Jews to justice, no matter where they lived. No matter what national origin they came from. And no matter what economic or social status they currently held.

Not only was his work dangerous and lonely, very few people really wanted to stir the embers of the Holocaust, rendering him very much an army of one.

But he wouldn’t be deterred. And he wouldn’t let the worst modern-day criminals enjoy their lives in anonymity with impunity for what they had done.

For Simon Wiesenthal there were no medals. There was no knighthoods. There wasn’t even a world outpouring of recognition. He just did what no one else could and most didn’t want done.

Outside of the world Jewish community who had respect for this man, the rest of the world simply took him for granted. Most of whom wished he would just go away.

Wiesenthal is the quintessential hero. Where he should have been happy just to have survived the worst genocide in history, and live the rest of his life in peace and tranquility, he chose instead to declare a judicial war on those who declared a genocidal war on Jews.

Simon Wiesenthal did not relent in his march to bring murderers and their accomplices to justice. He never allowed them the privilege of not looking over their shoulders, or feeling secure in the knowledge that they will never have to pay for what they did.

He became the voice and consciousness of the 6 million Jews who perished in the flames of Nazi hell. Simon Wiesenthal became their sword for justice.

If there is justice in this world, the International Criminal Court In The Hague would be renamed the Simon Wiesenthal Criminal Court.

But, if there was justice in this world, Simon Wiesenthal would not have had to do what he had done for 6 decades.

May he rest in a well deserved peace. May his name never be forgotten. And may his legacy and what he stood for live-on forever.

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    The answer is very simple- Israel does NOT need the world, its the world the NEEDS Israel. Hitler hated us for exactly what we are – The Conscious of the world.

    Without the Jewish people and without Israel, the world will degrade into nothing more than a bunch of wild animals looking to devour each other. And if you don’t believe me- just look at the rest of mid east for starters.

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