Bush – Racism Equals Poverty – What A Load Of Crap

There are a great many very poor Blacks in America. Is it because of Racism that they're poor? And if so, how does he explain wealthy Black Americans?

The President of the United States of America delivered a crass political speech last night (September 15, 2005) in New Orleans, on behalf of the Republican Party who are very concerned about their political fortunes in the upcoming mid-term elections.

To bolster his own plummeting approval ratings, George W Bush promised to throw massive amounts of money at a problem that is virtually unfixable.

And he declared that Racism Equals Poverty.

I have no idea how the President or any clear-thinking person can connect those two dots. Racism is one thing. Poverty is another.

There are a great many very poor Blacks in America. Is it because of Racism that they’re poor? And if so, how does he explain wealthy Black Americans?

Is it because of Racism that so many young Black men deal in drugs, impregnate young women and walk away, quit school before they’re able to properly read and write, can hardly speak the English language, and choose to live on welfare rather than get a job?

Does Racism make a person arm himself to the teeth with weapons he will use?

If Racism equals poverty, what about all the poor white people who are part of the racial majority? What’s the excuse for them being poor?

President Bush achieved three very negative things with this speech.

1 – The President insulted all poor people by equating Racism with poverty.

2 – The President diminished the many achievements of many Blacks who have been successful citizens in all walks of life.

3 – The President gave Black slackers and the “poverty industry” yet another excuse for bad behavior.

I don’t doubt that there is Racism in the USA. But it isn’t a one-way street.

It seems to me that in proportion, there are more Black Racists who vehemently hate the Whites, than there are Whites who are anti-Black.

As a matter of fact: America is awash with social policies and laws that give the Black community exceptionally unfair advantages over White Americans. Affirmative Action being just one.

Also: Blacks are mostly governed by Blacks in cities where there are large concentrations of Black residents. Should the Black leaders of cities and states be held accountable for anti-Black Racism?

There are no shortage of Black Mayors and Black Governors. There are Black leaders in the Senate and the House of Representatives. And two Black people have occupied (one still does) the most important cabinet post in America. I’m referring to the Secretary of State.

For Bush to equate Racism to poverty, might be one the lamest things he has ever done. And it will come back to bite America in the ass.

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  1. Howard, as usual, an outstanding blog! So true on contraceptive issue. As a woman, I have always felt it is my responsibility to handle the birth control – not the man or the government – ME ALONE since it’s MY BODY! Again, dead on with Israel and the rising Islamo/fascist Caliphate. It needs to be stopped by ANY means necessary! Only total annihilation will protect the world from this growing threat. Praying we can keep our independence this Independence Day.

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