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Mulroney is stabbed in the back by one of his best friends. McGuinty has to be the biggest political Putz ever. And what's with the Blacks who want to be segregated?

Mulroney is stabbed in the back by one of his best friends. McGuinty has to be the biggest political Putz ever. And what’s with the Blacks who want to be segregated?

Item 1:

Peter C Newman, one of Canada’s better known journalists wrote a book called: The Secret Mulroney Tapes, Unguarded Confessions of a Prime Minister.

In this book, Peter Newman releases “PRIVATE” conversations he had with Mulroney that were taped in as many as 100 interviews during all of Mulroney’s time as Canada’s Prime Minister.

What makes this book incredible, was that Canada’s former Prime Minister opened up completely to Peter C Newman, who Mulroney regarded as a long-time and trusted friend; only to be shafted beyond compare.

Newman quotes Mulroney who was using gutter-type language to describe those people for whom the former Prime Minister had little regard.

I don’t think too many people will be shocked by the things Mulroney said to Newman in confidence, since Mulroney never pretended to be a genteel sort.

Nonetheless though, this book did utterly destroy a reputation. But it wasn’t Brian Mulroney’s.

As far as I’m concerned, Peter C Newman is the scum that lays under the fetid water of a stagnant pond. He screwed a friend and violated a trust. And he crossed a line between reputable journalism and yellow journalism.

Peter C Newman can never be trusted by anyone again.

Item 2:

Ontario’s idiot Premier, Dalton McGuinty who screwed around with the concept of allowing Islamic Law (Sharia) as a dispute resolving mechanism into the daily lives of Ontario’s Moslem community has been dragged to his senses.

McGuinty reversed himself this week, declaring that there will be no Sharia in Ontario.


Not to seem unfair, he threw out the baby with the dirty bath-water, by declaring an end to voluntary Jewish and Christian arbitration which already existed in the province.

The difference between Judeo/Christian arbitration to Sharia is simple:

Priests, Ministers and Rabbis offer their services as trusted mediators who will arbitrate based upon fairness, while Mullahs interpret the Koran as the definitive law.

Item 3:

Black community leaders in Toronto are lobbying to create all-Black schools so their children will not have to be distracted by being in a White and Ethnic environment.

Cornell University in Ithaca NY is having the same debate where Black students want to be separated from the non Black student community.

Didn’t Martin Luther King and some White and Black Civil Rights advocates die in their efforts to desegregate the school system in the USA?

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