It’s Finger-Pointing Time In The USA

If you want something that must be important to be incompetent, inadequate and a miserably bloated failure: MANAGE BY COMMITTEE!

The finger-pointing has already started.

Everyone, including the looters are pointing their collective fingers of blame at (FEMA), the Federal Emergency Management Agency for being caught useless during the hurricane that just about wiped out the city of New Orleans and a good portion of the Gulf Coastline.

But not to focus just on FEMA which deserves no shortage of the blame, the fingers should also be pointed at the Mayor of New Orleans, the Governor of Louisiana and the multitude of other offices which wanted the responsibility of being in charge.

While it is absolutely true that all of the above-mentioned screwed-up in the most spectacular fashion, it is equally true that they were set-up to fail by the system that put them there.

If you want something that must be important to be incompetent, inadequate and a miserably bloated failure: MANAGE BY COMMITTEE!

That’s what happened on the Gulf Coast of America. Too many yes-men. Too many committees. Too much consensus.

Wars are won and lost from the top of the command. Therefore, it’s always critical that the person in charge is the right person whose decisions will guide the battle from the beginning to the end.

The same should be true for all people who are in charge of agencies that need immediate and unchallenged decision makers.

Every successful organization has a take-charge leader who barks out orders. Even the Mafia has their “Dons” who rule by decree opposed to consensus. And no one will argue how efficient the Mafia is at getting things done.

If corporate America managed itself by committee, the USA would be a have-not nation.

So why do the most important agencies in America which needs split-second decision makers govern and manage themselves by committee?

We also can not forget about the mentality of the looters, the whiners and too many Blacks who blame the President, and others for acting slowly only because it was mostly the Black community of New Orleans who were the most disadvantaged.

There’s enough blame to go around to create enough committees to study this debacle for years to come. Need I say more?

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  1. Howard, good on you re the LEFT! Screw them. Its time we all did it.
    Keep up the writing. Through YOU, WE are stating our views!

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