In America’s Hour Of Need

So where's Canada and the world now in America's moment of need?

Hurricane Katrina with all her Hell and Damnation has badly bloodied America in a way no foreign enemy could.

But bloodied or not, America will survive. America will persevere. And America will come out of this horror all the stronger for it.

It’s curious how the entire world looks to the United States of America when disaster strikes abroad.

But when disaster strikes the way it has in the USA, where’s the line-up of nations waiting to throw money, equipment, supplies and people-power to help?

During the Tsunami, nation after nation couldn’t stop one-upping each other to show how generous they can be. Canada couldn’t write big enough checks to show how much we cared for our fellow man.

So where’s Canada and the world now in America’s moment of need?

If Canada and other countries are making offers to help the USA, they’re very quiet about it. I’m certain the offers will be made: Too little. Too late.

Anne and I are not rich people. And we know no one on the Gulf Coast. But that didn’t stop us from sending money to the Hurricane Relief Fund.

We clicked onto and made a donation on our credit card.

Even though we did something, it seems as though it was really nothing more than just a raindrop in a storm.

But when you think about, it was all the raindrops in the storm of Katrina that shook America. Maybe our raindrop added to so many others will amount to more than just something.

At the very least; Anne and I can look at each other with the knowledge that we didn’t just pay lip-service to the needs of the USA. We really did do something.

And then there’s President George W Bush who was too busy politicking to give a beleaguered people the leadership they so desperately needed.

It’s like Bush and 9/11 all over again.

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