Political And Social Things I Learn While Horse Camping.

To be as succinct as possible, I have yet to meet one person who does not hate Goerge W Bush and despise "his" war and the war efforts.

Big changes very often invite major unintended consequences, sometimes positive, and sometimes nightmares that last for years.

In the 1930’s, the world witnessed the ascendancy of National Socialism which swept throughout Germany.

And with it came the deals of appeasement that surrendered Austria and Sudentanland of Czechoslovakia in the hopes that small land grabs would be enough to accommodate Nazis.

These were indeed big changes. The world was wrong then! And the world is wrong now!

In place of appeasing German Fascists as the world did just 7 decades ago, the world is doing it again. But this time with Islamo-Fascists.

Anne and I spend a part of every week camping in the USA with our horses.

This past weekend, we were in the Western part of the Adirondacks in New York State near Watertown. This coming week, we will be in Vermont. And during Labor Day, we will be camping with our horses near Lake George New York.

We just love it.

We love being out in nature. Even though we live on a hobby farm where we keep our four horses and grow our own hay, it is not the same as camping-out.

We love waking up in a tent, and then warm ourselves over the fire while the water heats up for fresh coffee.

It’s just great!

And there’s nothing like hugging and kissing our horses first thing in the morning, while we give them their first of four daily feedings. We kiss our horse at home too, but it’s not the same.

And then there’s the riding.

Exploring trails where we’ve never been before is both challenging and exciting because we never know what’s around the bend. And it’s exciting because we’re never certain if we’ll find our way back. So far so good.

The other great element to camping with our horses are the many people we meet who share our passion for horses and riding. But in addition to that, we also share our political and social views and philosophies.

Americans are fascinated with Canada since most of them know so little about us.

Because we’re riding in country and rural areas amongst Americans who care for their own horses on their own farms much the way Anne and I do, we figured their political and social bent would be somewhat Conservative, which it is.

But when it comes to President George W Bush and the war in Iraq, these somewhat Conservative horse-people are as far away from our perspective as one can be, and still participate in a civilized debate.

To be as succinct as possible, I have yet to meet one person who does not hate George W Bush and despise “his” war and the war efforts.

They blame President Bush and his arrogance for the war, and for the hatred America has attracted from various parts of the world.

But, when I remind them that this hatred started long before George W Bush came to power. And that America was attacked several times at home and abroad while Democrats held the President’s Office. And that the attackers all come from one specific religion, and predominantly from one culture: they brown-out.

When I remind them that the enemy isn’t George W Bush but the Islamic religion that preaches hatred, war against infidels, and the Islamization of the entire world: they fall silent.

And when I ask them if they’ve ever read the Koran, or parts of the Koran that deal with the spread of Islam and Islamic law: none have.

When I ask if they understand the history of the Middle East; how the countries we recognize today became sovereign after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1918: they don’t have a clue.

They don’t even know that there was never a country called Palestine. And that there were never a people called Palestinians until the Arabs with their willing Western partners made it all up.

The unintended consequences of what they don’t know can be America’s single largest threat.

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Please be advised that riding and horse-camping has infringed upon the time I would like to write and broadcast. But after Labor Day, I will do my best to write and broadcast more often.

I know this riding and horse camping stuff is a difficult task. But someone’s gotta do it. And if not us – who?

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  1. Howard.. And I read your editorials because I like to read things, with which I totally agree. That is very rare these days.

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