More About Canada Is Not A Real Country.

Michaëlle Jean doesn't have to say squat about where she stands on destroying Canada, since her role in one of her husband's documentaries says it all in Living Color.

Now it turns out that Canada’s new Governor General-in-waiting; Haitian born, French citizen, CBC Journalist, Michaëlle Jean has been outed as a Quebec Separatist, by her own husband no less.

Live by the camera. Die by the camera.

Daniel Lafond, French born immigrant to Canada has made his living producing documentaries in Canada. This means that Lafond is one of Quebec’s many “intellectual” elitists whose wealth doesn’t really come from his work.

The money he “earns” comes from grants given by either the federal government, the government of Quebec, or both. Most probably both.

Canadians don’t pay to see documentaries. If they’re shown at all, they’re usually aired on public television to an audience large enough to fit in a public restroom with room to spare.

Mostly; these documentaries are filmed, sent off to movie festivals, entered into movie awards programs like the Academy Awards and never referred to again.

But not this time.

It appears that Separatist supporter Daniel Lafond made at least one documentary celebrating his Quebec Separatist pals who were responsible in the 1960’s and ‘70’s for a spate of TERROR attacks against Canadian and English institutions and businesses.


These are the people our future Governor General’s husband calls his best friends.

Amongst them are the murderers of then Quebec Liberal Minister Pierre Laporte who was strangled to death by Lafond’s friends.

There were the kidnappers of Britain’s Trade Commissioner James Cross. I guess Lafond likes them too.

There were also the mailbox bombers and the bombers of a shoe factory that murdered an elderly night watchman. All heros to Daniel Lafond, the French born immigrant who is proud of his friendships with people who used TERROR in their attempt to kill the country of my birth.

Is it fair to paint his wife, our Governor General-in-waiting with the ugly Separatist brush of her husband?

When she sits as our Head of State and Commander In Chief. He sits with her.

When she receives the Award of the Order Of Canada, Canada’s highest civilian accolade simply because she becomes the Governor General, he automatically receives it too.

The very thought of Lafond, this immigrant from France, who became a Canadian citizen, who supports the Quebec Separatist killers of Canada being awarded Canada’s highest civilian honor is an obscenity.

But enough about this cretin.

What about his wife; the lovely Haitian Born, French citizen by marriage, CBC journalist, Michaëlle Jean?

Where does she stand on Quebec’s Separatists and Quebec Separation? How did she vote in the 1995 referendum for Quebec to leave Canada?


Remarkably, Canada’s joke for a Prime Minister, Paul Martin, who appointed her doesn’t think it’s right to ask.

Geez: Here’s the “gonna-be” Head of State for Canada and Commander In Chief of our military, who more than likely might have supported Quebec’s drive to leave Canada, and according to Paul Martin, we should be too polite to ask.

Paul Martin says she’s OK. And we should just take his word for it.

Back to the government-financed documentary business.

Michaëlle Jean doesn’t have to say squat about where she stands on destroying Canada, since her role in one of her husband’s documentaries says it all in Living Color.

There’s ample video and audio showing Canada’s soon-to-be Head of State toasting and giving approbation to the thugs who would destroy Canada.

And then there’s the other little matter: How can Canada’s Head of State be a citizen of another country?

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  1. Great editorial Howard. Another thing Israel should do is cut off all power and water to Gaza. Let them pay the price for electing Hamas. Since Hamas is now part of the “pali unity gov’t” Israel should also arrest Abbas for being the leader of an entity that is a mortal enemy of the Jewish state. The death penalty should also be re-instated, and all pali prisoners with blood on their hands should be executed.

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